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Unlocking the Mystery: Where is the Adamantine Key in Baldur’s Gate 3?

As you embark on your adventurous journey towards the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3, brace yourself for a multitude of hidden surprises waiting to be discovered. Among these secrets lies an elusive Adamantine Chest, fiercely guarded by a formidable Lava Elemental. But here’s the burning question: Where can you find the key to unlock this mysterious chest?

Unveiling the Key’s Location

If you’re like me and your lockpicking skills are less than stellar, opening the Adamantine Chest in the Grymforge (located at X: -629, Y: 207) might prove to be quite a challenge. Cunningly concealed within its metallic embrace, you’ll need to achieve a formidable roll of 20 to successfully pick this lock.

However, fear not! If your fingers lack the finesse or you simply lack the tools to conquer this task, there is another way. The Adamantine Chest is one of the rare locked containers that cannot be forced open through sheer brute force. In this case, a key is your only hope, and luckily for us, it’s not too far away.

Once you find yourself on the platform where the Adamantine Chest is located, direct your gaze northward. Your eyes will lay upon a stone pillar, adorned with the remains of a skeletal figure. This particular skeleton is in possession of the coveted Adamantine Key, a key worth risking life and limb to obtain. It’s worth noting that this skeleton is the only one worth sifting through; other skeletons in the vicinity may only yield meager treasures like a handful of gold or perhaps a discarded bottle.

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To reach this skeleton, you’ll need to navigate the dark platforms along the side of the rocks. Despite having magma lines, they are safe to jump on. It’s advisable to use only one character for this task as the AI companions tend to wander straight into the lava.

Upon unlocking the Adamantine Chest, you’ll discover valuable rewards including the rare Sentient Amulet, 126 gold, a silver necklace, and a Scroll of Bestow Curse.

Equipping the Sentient Amulet will also initiate a thrilling new quest known as “Help the Curse Monk.”

However, the Adamantine Forges present more immediate challenges. It’s crucial to get the furnaces up and running in order to forge powerful new armor.






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