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Understanding the Alien DNA Starfield Trait: Should You Pick It? Insights from Joe Greene

When embarking on your adventure in Starfield and delving into the character creation menu, you’ll encounter a screen where you can select traits. At the top of the list is the intriguing Alien DNA trait, which offers some fascinating benefits. So, should you choose the Alien DNA trait in Starfield? Let’s find out!

Is the Alien DNA Trait Worth Selecting in Starfield?

Well, it depends on your playstyle. If you envision yourself taking on a more peaceful role in Starfield, then the Alien DNA trait is definitely a viable option for you. However, if you’re planning to engage in combat scenarios where you’ll be taking substantial damage, the healing and reduction in food item effectiveness could prove to be a hindrance.

Speaking from personal experience, I decided to select the Alien DNA trait as I aspire to become a peaceful space trader with allies scattered across the galaxy. I’ve already found myself accumulating an abundance of healing items, and I don’t anticipate needing to use them frequently. The Oxygen bonus that accompanies the Alien DNA trait is incredibly noticeable and allows for extended periods of sprinting, jumping, and exploring on foot.

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Furthermore, the Alien DNA trait not only grants a significant boost to your health but also enhances your resilience during combat encounters. This means you’ll be able to withstand more damage, allowing you to stay in the fight for longer. Of course, this does come with the trade-off of requiring more healing items to reach maximum health.

While the Alien DNA trait can be beneficial for some players, those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle may want to avoid it. The increased health provided by this trait can make your healing items noticeably less effective, potentially hindering your ability to sustain yourself in battles.

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We hope this guide has helped you in making your trait decision! If you enjoyed this article and are looking for more Starfield guides and related content, feel free to browse through the Starfield tag below to discover some of the best resources in the galaxy.






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