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Unraveling the Mystery: Where is Arfur in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) – Full Guide

Wow, we’ve stumbled upon quite the predicament – a crate filled with dangerously rigged toys meant to harm innocent children. The dastardly individual responsible, however, has managed to elude our grasp. But fear not, for he hasn’t gone too far. Allow me to guide you on the quest to find Arfur in the captivating fantasy world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Uncovering the Whereabouts of Arfur (BG3) – Your Answer Awaited

Only those with a certain level of darkness in their hearts (or perhaps just a strong sense of self-preservation) would agree to booby trap toys meant to harm vulnerable refugee children. And Arfur, with his foolish hat and questionable taste in “romance” novels, is hardly winning any popularity contests.

Now, let’s embark on our mission to track down Arfur and ensure he receives the justice he deserves. Your destination for finding Arfur is the Sharess’ Caress.

Located just beyond the South Span Checkpoint, The Sharess’ Caress is a charming tavern waiting to be discovered. To reach this checkpoint, follow the bustling main street of Rivington, with the mesmerizing Circus of Last Days on your left and the convenience of The Rivington General on your right. As you continue along this path, you will eventually encounter the checkpoint, where a formidable Gauntlet and her loyal robot bodyguard await. Brace yourself, as they will challenge you to prove your financial capacity to enter the city.

However, for those who, like me, prefer not to pay, there is another way to bypass this obstacle. By cleverly selecting various options other than payment, the Ironhand Gnomes will come to your rescue, unleashing a smoke bomb to ensure a swift passage through the checkpoint and into the city.

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Once you have successfully made it into the city, you will find the welcoming sight of Sharess’ Caress almost immediately on your right-hand side. On the first floor, in front of a captivating stage, you will encounter Arfur, the friendly face behind this vibrant tavern.

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Confronting him about the toys, you’ll witness his immediate attempt to bribe you. But, here’s the catch – if you succumb to the allure of gold, you’ll never uncover the identity of the person behind his actions!

However, if you persistently question him about who blackmailed him, you’ll face a skill check for [INTIMIDATION]. This is your only chance to extract information from him. Brace yourself, because you’ll need to roll a 15 or higher.

If you successfully pass the check, Arfur will admit that he doesn’t really know the mastermind, but the packages originate from the fireworks shop. As a sweetener, he’ll even present you with a pass to the lower city. At this point, you have the option to either turn him over to the authorities or accept his gold.

If you happen to be in the city, now would be the perfect opportunity to solve a murder. Not only will it aid in unraveling a plot that could be linked to the main quest, but you’ll also acquire a stylish dagger as a bonus!






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