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Arrest Orlase Starfield: A Deep Dive into Reginald Orlase’s interstellar saga

In the thrilling storyline of Starfield’s “The Devils You Know” quest, a shocking revelation exposes Vae Victis, previously thought to be long gone, as a resident of the enigmatic New Atlantis. Determined to aid you in your battle against the menacing Terramorphs, he poses one condition: the targeted elimination of Reginald Orlase. Surprisingly, Vae claims that Orlase is a war criminal, a statement that may raise a few eyebrows given his own dark history.

While Vae Victis insists on Orlase’s execution rather than capture, one may question whether there is room for negotiation or a less drastic resolution. Can you, as the heroic protagonist, find a way to save Reginald Orlase from such a fateful end? The answer lies within the intricate narrative of “The Devils You Know” quest, providing you with the opportunity to make impactful choices and potentially alter the course of events.

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Should You Board Reginald Orlase’s Ship in Starfield?

Unfortunately, in the popular game Starfield, it is not possible to save or arrest Reginald Orlase. Players who attempt to target his ship’s engines and board it will only find themselves facing a sad outcome – Orlase’s suicide. This means that apprehending Orlase and bringing him to justice is not a viable option in the game.

It’s important to note that the reason behind Orlase’s unattainable arrest is not related to the player’s speed or ability to reach his ship. Instead, it is due to a specific trigger and an inaccessible door that prevents any progress in apprehending him. The game reveals through Orlase’s personal computer that he had made up his mind to resist being captured or confined, leaving players with no other outcome but his tragic fate.

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Therefore, players should consider carefully before attempting to board Reginald Orlase’s ship, as it will not lead to a successful arrest or resolution in the game.

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Have you ever wondered if it’s worth boarding Reginald Orlase’s ship in Starfield? Well, let me tell you, unless you possess the skill to pick master locks or have a shielded cargo, it is best to avoid the hassle. This is especially true if your ship is weak.

However, if you do decide to board, you will come across a variety of valuable items. Inside the ship, you can find a chest, master lock containers, the captain’s locker, cargo, med packs, chems, crafting materials, and even contraband. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Just remember, to board without any complications, you’ll need to have at least one rank in Targeting Control Systems. Otherwise, you may end up unintentionally destroying the ship before boarding.

Now, when it comes to the decision of what to do with Reginald Orlase, it’s best to shoot him down. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to save him in Starfield. Don’t forget to loot his cargo though – it contains the quest item you were after for The Devils You Know. For more helpful guides, be sure to check out the relevant links below.

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