baldurs gate 3 lava valve stuck

Baldur’s Gate 3 Lava Valve Stuck: Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix in the Adamantine Forge

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Fix the Stuck Lava Valve in the Adamantine Forge

The Grymforge, true to its name, is a dark and mysterious location in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is home to hidden secrets, including a method to create powerful Act 1 armor and a boss that rewards rare equipment. However, to unlock these treasures, you must first tackle the challenge of the stuck lava valve. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Reach the Adamantine Forge: To start, make your way to the Adamantine Forge in Grymforge. This massive machine is where you can craft different types of armor.

2. Find a Mould: Look for a Mould either in the Underdark or around Grymforge. These Moulds are key to fixing the stuck lava valve.

3. Insert the Mould: Once you have a Mould, insert it into the coffin-shaped vessel located in the center of the Adamantine Forge. This step is crucial to the valve-fixing process.

4. Add Mithril Ore: Take a piece of Mithril Ore and insert it into the Crucible within the Adamantine Forge. This is another important component of the repair process.

5. Pull the Lever: Locate the lever situated at the edge of the Adamantine Forge and pull it. This action will initiate the valve-fixing sequence.

6. Turn on the Stuck Lava Valve: As the platform lowers, turn on the stuck lava valve to free it from its jammed state. Congratulations! The valve is now unstuck.

It’s worth noting that there are various Moulds scattered around the Grymforge area. However, the easiest ones to find are near the Adamantine Forge waypoint. As for the Mithril Ore, you can locate two pieces not far from the forge. Consult the map for their exact locations.

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Now you have the knowledge to fix the stuck lava valve in the Adamantine Forge, opening up a world of possibilities in Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t forget to check out other related guides, such as how to open the Adamantine Chest for even more exciting adventures!

If you want to insert the Mithril Ore in your game, simply follow these steps. First, press the Mould Chamber to open a menu. Then, go to your inventory and locate the Mithril Ore. You can find it on the character you used to collect it. Drag the Mithril Ore into the designated box in the menu, and finally, press the insert button. It’s that easy!

Unlock the thrill of adventure as you embark on an exhilarating journey. With all the necessary elements in place, simply pull the lever, and you’ll descend effortlessly into the unknown. Don’t forget to turn the valve that’s stuck in flowing lava to reach your destination.

And brace yourself for an epic boss fight that will test your skills and strategies. This challenging encounter demands your expertise to overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious.






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