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Reaching for the Artifact in Baldur’s Gate 3: A Comprehensive Guide by Madison Benson

If you’re immersed in the thrilling world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ve probably encountered the dilemma of whether to wake up Shadowheart or grab the intriguing artifact she holds. This crucial decision could potentially shape the course of your gameplay. Let’s dive deeper into the choices at hand.

Before we explore the options, let’s set the scene. Picture yourself on a desolate beach, having survived a brutal encounter with the Nautiloid. Your supplies are non-existent, and you’re yearning for a companion. That’s when you stumble upon Shadowheart, lying unconscious and clutching a mysterious artifact. What should you do?

In most cases, it’s wise to wake Shadowheart rather than go for the artifact. Attempting to snatch the artifact while she’s unconscious is futile, as it cannot be stolen at this stage. Waking her up can save you valuable time by skipping unnecessary conversation lines.

Remember, trying to pickpocket the artifact before the dialogue begins will automatically awaken Shadowheart and lead to the standard cutscene and conversation.

Should you decide to reach for the artifact, Shadowheart will awaken, take note of your actions, and inquire about your intentions. Regardless of your response, the conversation continues, and both of you ponder the events leading up to this point and contemplate your next move.

Thankfully, even if you follow through with reaching for the artifact, Shadowheart remains non-hostile and refrains from initiating combat. Ultimately, she expresses gratitude for your assistance on the Nautiloid, and you gain some favor from her. From this juncture, you have the freedom to choose whether you’ll continue your journey together or go your separate ways.

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