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Baldur’s Gate 3: Theobald Thorn – Mastering Ketheric Thorm’s Mausoleum Puzzle and Discovering the Mural Locations

Unlocking the Thorm Mausoleum Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3

Ketheric Thorm’s immortality is a persistent thorn in our side, but there might be a way to sever the connection that sustains his cursed life. However, this solution is not easily accessible, as it is guarded by a puzzling challenge. Allow me to guide you through opening the Thorm Mausoleum in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You’ll find the Thorm Mausoleum puzzle in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, located in the northwest region of the Shadow-Cursed Lands. There are several hints scattered throughout the game that lead you towards the Thorm Mausoleum. You may have learned about it from the Blighted Brewer Thorm at the Waning Moon Inn, or perhaps discovered it through the prison diary in the Moonrise Tower.

To reach the Mausoleum, start your journey from the Moonrise Towers and proceed through the House of Healing, then traverse the Reithwin Graveyard to the northwest of the Masons Guild. Here, you’ll find the entrance to the mausoleum, where Raphael awaits if you have the Pale Elf quest. If you wish to assist Raphael, the next step is to gain entry into the Gauntlet of Shar.

However, entering the Gauntlet of Shar, which lies beneath the Grand Mausoleum, presents a puzzling challenge. The passage leading to it is obstructed by a door guarded by Thorm himself. Luckily, solving the puzzle is straightforward. Upon reading a book in the adjacent room, you’ll discover that you need to follow in Thorm’s footsteps, “deed by deed. From splendor, to tragedy, to infamy.”

How to Solve Ketheric Thorm’s Mausoleum Puzzle

  • Proceed to the far back room in the mausoleum.
  • Activate the button on the mural of the Moonrise Tower.
  • Activate the button on the mural depicting the dead wife (Grief).
  • Activate the button on the mural of Ketheric Thorm (General).
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And that’s it! Once you press the buttons in the correct order, doors on the sides of the General mural will open, granting you access to the Gauntlet of Shar, allowing you to proceed with your quest.

Locating Each Mural for the Mausoleum Puzzle

If you’re having trouble identifying the murals in the Mausoleum Puzzle, here’s a helpful guide. As you enter the room, you’ll notice the first mural of Moonrise Tower on your left. On the right side of the entrance, you’ll find the second mural portraying Thorm grieving his wife, Isabella (apologies for the spoiler). Finally, the last mural, depicting Ketheric Thorm himself, can be found on the far wall. Remember to visit each mural in the specified order for a successful puzzle completion.

Don’t worry about the room appearing booby-trapped. All traps have been disarmed, allowing you to explore freely. Your main concern should be solving the puzzle correctly. If you make a mistake, don’t fret; the room will darken, but you can still continue clicking the buttons without any harm.

Now that you’re ready to face the challenge, it’s a great opportunity to accomplish two tasks at once. While you’re in the Mausoleum, consider locating Raphael’s Old Enemy.






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