best minibak loadout mw2

Best Minibak Loadout MW2: Ultimate Guide for Optimal Gaming Performance

Looking to create the ultimate Minibak loadout in MW2? Whether you know it as the Bizon, PP19 Bizon, or Bullfrog, this SMG is a true classic and can become one of the best guns in Modern Warfare 2 when paired with the right attachments.

However, unlocking the Minibak in the new MW2 Gunsmith system may not be a simple task. If you’re having trouble finding it, open up the Kastov 762 in the Gunsmith and press the V key to access the weapon platform. You’ll find the Minibak at the very bottom of the list, so you’ll need to grind through all the preceding weapons to add it to your collection in the game.

When it comes to SMGs in multiplayer games, they typically have standard magazine capacities. But the Minibak stands out with its 64-round drum magazine. Therefore, our loadout focuses on enhancing the gun’s handling and hip-fire performance, allowing you to dominate gunfights effortlessly.

  • Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip
  • Muzzle: Xten RR-40
  • Magazine: Minibak Grip Mag

The FSS Ole-V Laser improves the already impressive hip-fire accuracy of the Minibak, allowing you to swiftly eliminate enemies without needing to aim down sights. The Otrezat Stock enhances your sprint speed while also improving aim walking speed, which is crucial for an effective SMG loadout in Modern Warfare 2.

The Xten RR-40 suppressor significantly extends the Minibak’s effective range, while the True-Tac Grip provides slight mobility improvements with buffs to sprint-to-fire speed and aim down sight speed. Lastly, the Minibak Grip Mag provides a whopping 64 rounds in each magazine, ensuring you can handle multiple enemies without reloading.

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If you prefer a close-quarters combat (CQC) build and are willing to sacrifice range and accuracy, you can opt for the Schlager PEQ Box IV laser and the VLK Stockless stock. This setup may make hitting targets at medium range difficult, but it will give you unmatched speed and maneuverability up close.

So there you have it – the best Minibak loadout for MW2. If you’re interested in more SMG setups, be sure to check out our best MP5 loadout, best Vel 46 loadout, and best FSS Hurricane loadout for additional kit lists like this one.






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