bg3 can you save shadow hearts parents

BG3: Can You Save Shadowheart’s Parents? An In-Depth Analysis of Baldur’s Gate 3 Outcomes

Make a pivotal choice in Baldur’s Gate 3: Should Shadowheart save her parents or end their lives? The consequences vary greatly based on your decision. Let’s explore the different outcomes for killing or saving Shadowheart’s parents in this captivating game.

Different Outcomes for Killing or Saving Shadowheart’s Parents in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

As the story progresses, Shadowheart uncovers the truth about her parents from Nightstong in the Temple of Shar during Act 2. This revelation fuels her determination to rescue them from the House of Grief. Alternatively, if you have guided her down the Dark Justiciar path, she might come across her parents after slaying the Matron, who stood in her path to ascend.

Locating the House of Grief

If you wish to visit the House of Grief, you can find it nestled in the enchanting Lower City.

To reach the House of Grief, venture to the top northwest region of the Lower City map. It lies just to the left of the Baldur’s Gate waypoint, conveniently placed directly above Lady Jannath’s Estate.

In the House of Grief, you will come across a heart-wrenching situation involving Shadowheart’s parents who are trapped in the deepest room. Prepare yourself as Shadowheart faces a life-changing decision presented by the enigmatic Goddess Shar herself. Should she choose to end her parents’ lives, she would be released from the curse that has plagued her. On the other hand, saving them would mean carrying the burden of the curse for eternity.

If Shadowheart Chooses to Kill Her Parents…

Empowering Shadowheart to make the difficult choice of killing her parents will cause a profound transformation. Upon their demise, they will be transformed into ethereal orbs known as Moon Motes. These radiant spheres serve as beacons of hope, guiding those who are lost in the depths of darkness. As a result, the Curse of Shar that intermittently weakens Shadowheart will be permanently lifted.

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Naturally, Shadowheart will be haunted by the profound loss of her parents. It is during such moments of vulnerability that you can provide solace and support her emotionally back at the camp.

What to do if Shadowheart refuses to kill her parents

In the game, if you want Shadowheart to spare her parents’ lives, you’ll need to pass a challenging religion or persuasion check. If successful, Shadowheart will firmly refuse to kill her parents, despite her father’s objections. Surprisingly, her mother will support her decision.

This choice leads to a heartwarming moment as Shadowheart releases her parents, and they share an emotional embrace. Although she will still experience periodic pain from her hand, Shadowheart and her family appear to be happier overall.

If your priority is to keep Shadowheart happy, then it would be wise to keep her parents alive. However, from a combat perspective, it may be more advantageous to eliminate them. Ultimately, the decision rests on your personal priorities and gameplay strategy.

Before leaving the chamber, don’t forget to interact with the Mirror of Loss. This intricate mirror can grant your characters +2 Stats, provided you know how to navigate its complexities.






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