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Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide: Exploring the Wyrmway and Uncovering the Chamber of Justice

The Chamber of Justice in Baldur’s Gate 3 might appear to be a daunting puzzle, but fear not! With the right skills or scrolls, you can easily conquer it and unlock its secrets.

Upon entering the Chamber of Justice, your attention will be drawn to The Judge, a foreboding figure at the center. The Shroud of Dark Justice, a powerful curse, obscures your view of the paintings necessary to solve the puzzle.

To dispel the Shroud of Dark Justice and banish The Judge, all you need is a Remove Curse spell or scroll. It may sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s that simple. If you’re lacking a scroll, consider having Shadowheart in your party. By this point, she should already possess the necessary spell.

If Shadowheart isn’t available or does not have the spell, don’t worry. You have other options. You can recruit a Cleric from Withers as a Hireling or rely on the abilities of characters like Wyll, a Warlock; Gale, a Wizard; or Minthara, a Paladin.

To equip the scroll on Shadowheart, open her inventory and select “Spell book” at the top of the menu. Look for the book icon located just above the level indicator. The best part? You don’t even need to take a long rest for her to prepare it!

Conquer the Chamber of Justice and uncover its hidden treasures with ease. Don’t let the initial challenge overwhelm you; armed with the right knowledge and skills, you’ll emerge victorious!

After successfully removing the judge from the scene, you can now shift your focus towards the mysterious paintings. Your task is to identify the one painting that truly represents justice. Out of the eight paintings, seven of them portray various forms of corruption or misguided notions of “justice.” However, it is important to thoroughly examine each painting to understand why they are not the correct choice. By doing so, you will gain valuable insight and context that will ultimately lead you to the painting that truly embodies justice.

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To begin, click on the item you wish to inspect as if you were examining it. Once selected, click on the “Pick Up” option. After that, interact with the “Empty Niche” located next to the ritual circle.

Prepare for an epic adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3 as we guide you through the Wyrmway and help you locate the elusive Chamber of Justice. In the thrilling questline of Legend of Ansur, this chamber awaits you after successfully completing the Rescue the Grand Duke mission.

Before embarking on this quest, make sure that the Duke is still alive and that you have a conversation with him at your camp to trigger the next set of challenges. To start the Rescue the Grand Duke quest, seek out Mizora, who will appear in your camp once you reach the Lower City.

Now, to step into the Wyrmway, your first destination is Wyrm’s Rock Prison. Gear up with the necessary tools and determination, and head towards the prison.

Upon reaching the prison, make your way inside. If you’re feeling stealthy, consider pickpocketing the sleeping guard to acquire the key to the front entrance. With the key in hand, enter the prison and turn left immediately. There, at the end of the corridor, you’ll discover a hidden passage that leads you further into the depths.

Prepare yourself for what lies ahead as you venture deeper into the Wyrmway. Remember, courageous explorer, you have the power to bring justice to the realm. May your journey be filled with excitement and triumph!

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Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure within the confines of the prison. As you explore, you will come across a remarkable sight on the wall – two extraordinary torches known as Dragonhead torches. These torches hold a secret key to unlocking the entrance, and it involves harnessing the power of electricity. Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey as you discover the hidden mechanism behind these Dragonhead torches and unveil the path to freedom.

If you’re looking for a good strategy to progress in the Wyrmway trials in BG3, Witch Bolt is a great choice. By consistently electrifying the Dragon Head torches until they turn blue, you can unlock the door to your next challenge.

To locate the Chamber of Justice in the Wyrmway, head left towards the large locked doors. It’s an open area that’s hard to miss, so keep an eye out.

All Wyrmway Trials in BG3

The Chamber of Insight is just one of the four chambers you’ll need to conquer in order to prove your worth and gain access to the main doors. Here is the order in which you’ll unlock and tackle each chamber:






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