bg3 how to open cazador door

BG3: Comprehensive Guide on How to Open the Cazador Door

Are you eager to uncover the secrets behind the sinister door in Baldur’s Gate 3? Whether you intentionally ventured into Cazador’s Palace or stumbled upon it, you’ll encounter a peculiar and exclusive area within Baldur’s Gate. Inside, you’ll encounter a variety of eccentric individuals and the ominous presence of a massive magically locked door that exudes a sense of foreboding.

In our comprehensive Baldur’s Gate 3 review, we highlighted the countless wonders scattered throughout the game’s diverse regions. However, none are quite as enigmatic as Cazador’s Palace. From brainwashed minions to a deceased werewolf and even vampires, unraveling the mysteries behind this location requires you to breach the sinister door and join the mysterious dinner party. Consider preparing your BG3 class in advance, just in case things take a turn for the worse and a fight breaks out.

To unlock the sinister door, you must acquire two essential items: the Kozakuran dictionary and the Szarr family ring. The Szarr family ring serves as the key, while the Kozakuran dictionary enables you to speak the magic words necessary for entry.

Located on the top floor of Cazador’s Palace, the sinister door presents an impenetrable barrier that is sealed with a magic beyond your comprehension. Unlocking it requires both the Szarr family ring and the ability to translate the inscription found on the inside of the ring, which is where the Kozakuran dictionary comes into play.

You can find the Szarr family ring in the kennels on the lower floor. Upon entering the room, you’ll engage in a dialogue with a skeleton. Successfully passing the charisma check grants you the ring, or alternatively, you can defeat the skeleton and claim it from their remains.

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The Kozakuran dictionary can be found in a room on the third floor, radiating necrotic energy. As it turns out, the energy emanates from a deceased body. The dictionary lies within this room, requiring you to endure the necrotic damage, teleport to the dresser to loot it, or utilize a character with resistance to undead magic.

Once you possess both items, it’s a matter of approaching the sinister door, inserting the ring, and reciting the inscription aloud. Only then will you discover the secrets concealed behind this enigmatic portal.

However, opening the sinister door in Cazador’s Palace is just the beginning of what lies ahead. The revelations that await Astarion will leave you startled. Ensure you have optimized your character build by exploring our rogue build, barbarian build, and wizard build guides. You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself.






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