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Brake Check DMZ: Unraveling the Mystery of the Car Crash and Waterways Dead Drop

Complete Break Check Mission in Warzone DMZ

Warzone’s DMZ mode puts Faction missions at the forefront, offering exciting opportunities for infiltration and extraction. Season 4 introduces a range of new missions, as well as updates to existing ones. One such mission is Break Check in the Warzone DMZ. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete it successfully.

Break Check is a Tier 4 Mission in the White Lotus Faction, available in Warzone Season 4. To access this mission, players must have already completed the majority of earlier Tiers for the White Lotus, including the Tier 3 Story Mission.

The mission consists of three tasks that players need to accomplish:

  • Locate the car crash site near the Observatory.
  • Find and extract the Hard Drive near the crash site.
  • Drop the Hard Drive in the Waterways dead drop on Ashika Island.

As a Tier 4 Mission, Break Check offers substantial rewards, including a City Hall Key, 15,000 XP, and Faction Reputation.

Finding the Car Crash

The car crash site is located near the Observatory, specifically the Zaya Observatory, situated in the central area of the Al Mazrah Exclusion Zone. For your convenience, we have marked the location on the map below.

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If you want to reach the elevated point of interest (POI) at Zaya Observatory quickly, it’s recommended to find a vehicle for transportation. Walking from the DMZ spawn point near Al Mazrah can be quite time-consuming.

Once you’re at Zaya Observatory, you can locate the car crash on one of the ridges to the south of the POI. It’s situated near the main Observatory building, specifically in map grid E6. The image on the left provides a general idea of where to head, while the image on the right offers precise directions within Zaya Observatory.

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Credits: @JoeWOCraven /

As you make your way towards Zaya Observatory, you’ll come across a captivating scene that demands your attention – a flaming and overturned vehicle, a result of a car crash. But amidst the wreckage lies a hidden gem – the Ashika Island Hard Drive. It may be slightly concealed on the south side of the car, so you might need to go prone to spot it. Once you do, make sure to stow it safely in your backpack.

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With anticipation building, it’s time to make a swift move to the nearest exfil location as we progress to an entirely new exclusion zone in our mission. Brace yourself for the next thrilling chapter!

Discover the Waterways Dead Drop

The Waterways Dead Drop awaits your arrival on the mysterious Ashika Island, beckoning players to redeploy and complete the exhilarating Break Check mission. Once you’ve landed, make your way to the southeastern part of the island where you’ll find the notable Port Ashika POI. To access the hidden entrance leading to the waterways beneath the main island, navigate to map grid G6.

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As you progress through the game, make sure to stay on the right side and eliminate any enemies that are patrolling the Waterways. It’s worth noting that these enemies are Level 2 or higher, so they may present a greater challenge compared to regular bots.

After a while, you’ll come across an opening on your right. You’ll notice a Dead Drop Dumpster pressed against the wall of a cavern. To get a clearer idea of its location, take a look at the image below, which also shows its position on the Ashika Island map:

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Credits: @JoeWOCraven /

To complete the Break Check mission in Warzone DMZ, all you need to do is head up to the Dumpster, interact with it, and deposit the Hard Drive. By doing this, you will successfully finish the mission and earn yourself some exciting rewards.

That’s all the information you need to know about the Break Check mission in Warzone DMZ. If you’re looking for more tips, strategies, and loadouts for Call of Duty’s extraction mode, make sure to stick with us here at Twinfinite. We’re dedicated to providing you with the latest and greatest in gaming content.

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