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Buying Resources in Starfield: An Insight with Daniel Wenerowicz

When it comes to acquiring resources in Starfield, there are various methods to explore, including establishing outposts throughout the galaxy. However, if you’re looking for efficiency and convenience, nothing beats the option of visiting vendors directly. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll reveal the ultimate resource-buying destination, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent hopping from planet to planet.

The UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis, overseen by Wen Tseng, reigns supreme as the best vendor for resource purchase in Starfield. Located in the bustling Commercial District of New Atlantis, this distribution center is situated on the prominent planet Jemison. To reach Jemison, simply navigate your way to the esteemed Alpha Centauri system.

If you’re in search of the UC Distribution Center, you’ll want to make your way to the bustling Commercial District and keep an eye out for the SSNN building. Whether you choose to use the convenient NAT transit system or opt for fast travel, just remember that the SSNN building will be on your right-hand side. Once you arrive there, simply head straight and keep your eyes peeled for the distribution center, which won’t resemble a regular shop with a small door. Instead, you’ll need to “load in” to gain access.

Upon entering the UC Distribution Center, make sure to approach the main counter where you’ll find Wen Tseng. She’s a remarkable vendor, offering an extensive selection of goods that surpasses many others. From common resources like Adhesives to the harder-to-find Titanium, I found everything I needed for my weapon mods in abundance.

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When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that this vendor may not be the most cost-effective option available. So, if you’re on the hunt for the cheapest resources in the Starfield universe, you might want to explore other avenues. However, if you’re after a stockpile of rare metals and elements, look no further than the UC Distribution Center.

Once you’ve obtained the necessary resources, it’s time to delve into the world of researching weapon mods in Starfield. Keep your imagination running wild and unlock the potential of your arsenal.






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