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Unveiling Campfires in Diablo 4: Usage, Importance, and Role of Daphne Fama

Prepare to dive deep into the captivating world of Diablo 4, where the pursuit of loot and EXP will consume hours of your life in the enchanting realm of Sanctuary. But what if I told you there is a secret to gaining a quick and exhilarating boost while obliterating hordes of enemies? Brace yourself, because here’s the lowdown on what campfires can do in Diablo 4.

Unveiling the Power of Campfires in Diablo 4

Within the unpredictable and ever-changing landscape of Sanctuary, you may encounter one of the most thrilling and rewarding events known as Legion Events. Keep a keen eye on your map for the circular icon that signals the arrival of these events. With only a short window of notification, they unleash massive waves of enemies upon you. And where there are waves of enemies, there are boundless opportunities for loot and EXP. But that’s not all; there’s an additional treat waiting for you at these events—campfires.

As you swiftly venture into a Legion Event, keep your senses sharp for a campfire nestled near the ominous apparition of the Servant of Hell, ready to face your wrath. Approach the campfire, and you’ll be prompted to kindle its flames. Once you do so, a powerful buff will manifest, granting you an EXP bonus ranging from an impressive 1% to an astonishing 15%.

In Diablo 4, utilizing campfires effectively can greatly enhance your leveling speed on the road to Level 100. However, there are a few key points to keep in mind to maximize the benefits of campfires:

  • Stay within range of the campfire to accumulate EXP buff stacks.
  • For the full 15% EXP buff, make sure to remain at the Legion Event long enough for the buff to accumulate.
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The campfire buff in Diablo 4 can be stacked with consumable items, such as Elixirs or incense. By consuming these items while using the campfire, you can increase your EXP gains by an additional 5%, bringing the total campfire buff to 20% for the duration of the Legion Event.

To fully maximize the buff, it’s recommended to stay beside the campfire for approximately two minutes. Once you see the buff icon appear, head straight to the campfire. Once obtained, the buff will last for the entire duration of the event. This is particularly beneficial as Legion Events in Diablo 4 feature a high concentration of enemies.

For an even greater boost, don’t forget to use an elixir or incense while enjoying the warmth of Diablo 4’s campfire. If you’re unsure about how to craft incense, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on “How to Get Incense in Diablo 4”.






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