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Destiny 2 Loadouts Disabled: Understanding the Issue and Its Future Resolution

Destiny 2: Loadouts Disabled – Here’s Why and When to Expect a Fix

As avid Destiny 2 players, we’ve all become familiar with the occasional bugs and glitches that come with the start of a new season. Bungie, the developers of the game, are usually quick to address these game-breaking issues. However, sometimes these problems can have a lasting impact. Currently, one such issue is the disabling of the loadout feature in Destiny 2, leaving many players puzzled and frustrated. In today’s post, we will delve into the reasons behind this disabling and discuss when we can expect a fix.

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During Season 21 of Destiny 2, players stumbled upon a fascinating bug that allowed them to swap loadouts and use weapons with different models. Just imagine wielding a powerful Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle like Arbalest and firing it as if it were a Hand Cannon. The bug brought both amusement and opportunities for creative gameplay, as some Guardians even used special weapons as primary guns in PvP matches.

However, with the start of Season 22, Bungie promptly disabled the loadout feature to address the issue. This feature, which became an integral part of the game with the arrival of the Lightfall DLC a few months ago, made it incredibly convenient for players to switch equipped gear with just a push of a button. It offered a level of flexibility and strategy that Guardians had grown to rely on.

Anticipated Fix for the Loadout Bug

Thankfully, Bungie has recognized the importance of the loadout feature and has announced that a “temporary” fix will be deployed in the following week. Although an exact date was not provided, it is likely that the fix will go live during the weekly reset on Tuesday, August 29, at 1 pm EDT. While this temporary solution will restore the loadout feature, it will not retrieve items from the vault as it typically would. Bungie has assured players that a permanent fix is being developed and will be released in a future update.

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