diablo 4 error code 316703

Diablo 4 Error Code 316703 Explained: Solving the ‘Selected Party Member Not Found’ Issue

When it comes to testing periods, like the Diablo 4 Server Slam, it’s expected to encounter a variety of problems and unexpected situations. The purpose of these tests is to put the servers under stress, after all. It’s not surprising to experience random crashes, disconnects, long queue times, and various other issues that will hopefully be resolved before the game’s official release. One common error that players may come across is the “Selected Party Member Was Not Found (error code 316703)”, and we’ll provide more information about it below.

Understanding the Selected Party Member Was Not Found Error Code 316703 in Diablo 4

During Diablo 4 testing, players may encounter a range of unfortunate situations, from teleporting to random places to being unable to change areas. The 316703 error occurs when attempting to play the game in Co-op mode and one of the party members gets disconnected. When the disconnected member tries to rejoin the game, they are met with the “Selected Party Member Was Not Found (error code 316703)” message.

Meanwhile, the other party members who remain connected should not be affected, unless they also encounter some unexpected error. It appears that there is no specific trigger for this error, as various random actions can lead to a sudden disconnection. Unfortunately, the player who gets disconnected will not be able to log back into the game, even if the other online party members disband the party.

The only solution seems to be restarting the game, but having to face the endlessly long queue time again is not very appealing. The “ideal solution” would be to avoid playing Co-op altogether, but that goes against the whole purpose of playing an online game, especially if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to enjoy it with your friends all week.

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Exploring dungeons and embarking on adventures are much more enjoyable with others, so isolating yourself to avoid this one error is not recommended. Remember, there are countless other potential errors that can occur whether you’re playing solo or in a group, so don’t let the fear of encountering issues prevent you from having fun. Just hope that you won’t encounter any of them, and chances are you’ll be fine. Again, this is a beta test, so it’s expected to encounter some errors along the way.






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