diablo 4 is slow crowd control

Diablo 4 is Slow Crowd Control: A Comprehensive Analysis of Crowd Controlled Enemies

In games like Diablo 4, Crowd Control (CC) is a crucial stat that often gets mentioned without proper explanation. To fully understand its importance, let’s delve into what constitutes as Crowd Control and its effects within the game.

Defining Crowd Control in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, Crowd Control refers to any effect that slows down or stuns enemies. As an example, my Twisting Blades Rogue character possesses skills like Puncture, which can slow enemies, and a stabbing move that stuns them. Both of these skills are classified as Crowd Control effects. Consequently, if I have a 15% increase in damage against Crowd Controlled enemies, these effects will activate the damage boost. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all the Crowd Control effects in the game:

A Complete List of Crowd Control Effects in Diablo 4:

  • Slow – Slightly reduces enemy movement speed.
  • Daze – Prevents enemies from using their attacks.
  • Knockdown – Powerful CC effect that incapacitates enemies, rendering them unable to attack.
  • Knockback – Pushes enemies away from you.
  • Fear – Forces enemies to flee from you.
  • Stun – Renders enemies immobile and unable to attack.
  • Immobilize – Stops enemies in their tracks.
  • Tether – A chaining effect that restrains enemies within a small area.
  • Chill – Slows down enemy movement.
  • Frozen – Freezes enemies completely when sufficient Chill is applied.

While an enemy is under the influence of any of these effects, they are considered Crowd Controlled enemies. However, it is important to note that the damage boost against CC only applies as long as the effect lasts. Once the effect wears off, the damage boost ceases. It is worth mentioning that there are other status effects in Diablo 4 that do not fall into the Crowd Control category.

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For instance, status effects like “Vulnerable” do not count as Crowd Control. Nonetheless, these effects are still powerful tools, and we have a comprehensive guide dedicated to explaining the intricacies of the “Vulnerable” status effect in Diablo 4.






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