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Diablo 4 Stash: Location, Upgrades and Managing Your Items Across Seasons

Are you eager to learn about the stash system in Diablo 4? The Diablo 4 stash provides a convenient storage space for your most valuable possessions. You can store any items that fit in your inventory, such as weapons, armor, and gems, in your stash for safekeeping. Initially, your stash has 50 storage slots, but it can be expanded as you progress in the game.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner with a powerful build or an experienced Diablo 4 player searching for unique items, your stash is essential for organizing your belongings. Some seasoned players might find the stash’s storage space insufficient. However, there is a workaround if you are willing to create additional characters known as mules. This article will provide you with all the information you need about the Diablo 4 stash, including its location, how to upgrade it, and more.

Where is my Diablo 4 stash located?

Your first stash can be found at the Inn in Kyovashad. The map is marked with an open chest icon at all stash locations. There are a total of eight stash locations, and each one shares the same inventory. This means that if you upgrade your stash at Dry Steppes, the upgrade will apply to all stashes on the map.

  • Dry Steppes – Kotama Grasslands
  • Dry Steppes – Fields of Hatred
  • Fractured Peaks – Desolate Highlands
  • Hawezar – The Writhing Mir
  • Hawezar – Umir Plateau
  • Kehjistan – Southern Expanse
  • Kehjistan – Fields of Hatred
  • Scosglen – Emerald Chase

How can I upgrade my Diablo 4 stash?

When you first access your stash, you will have one chest with 50 storage slots. To add another chest, simply click on the ‘+’ sign under the Stash tab. However, each additional chest will cost you 100,000 gold. You can do this up to three times, although some players speculate that Blizzard may unlock the ability to add four more chests.

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Can I keep my items from previous Diablo 4 seasons?

Every time a new season begins in Diablo 4, your seasonal characters are transferred to the Eternal Realm. It can be tough to say goodbye to the character you’ve spent the last three months with, but it’s even harder to part with your epic loot. Fortunately, the Diablo 4 stash allows you to keep your hard-earned items from season to season.

How to preserve your Eternal Realm stash

When playing a seasonal character in Diablo 4, it’s important to understand how the stash system works. Any items that your seasonal character collects will be transferred to a special “Withdraw Only” stash tab. However, it’s crucial to remember that this tab will be cleared at the end of each season to make room for new items. Therefore, you must make sure to withdraw any items you want to keep before the current season ends.

For instance, if you collected items during season one, they will be moved to the “Withdraw Only” stash tab at the end of that season. These items will then remain there throughout season two. You will have until the end of season two to retrieve your items; otherwise, they will become irretrievable.

Increase your Diablo 4 stash with mule characters

In Diablo 4, players are provided with ten character slots. If you are primarily focusing on one character, you can utilize the remaining nine slots to your advantage. It’s important to note that all of your characters share a single stash, which makes it easy to level up alternate characters and find useful loot for different Diablo 4 classes.

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Although your stash is shared, the individual inventories of your characters are unique. If you find yourself in need of more slots than the stash can offer, you can create additional characters and reach Kyovashad. Once you gain access to the first stash, you can utilize all 33 inventory slots to store items. Remember to give each of your mule characters distinct names, allowing you to keep track of the items they are holding. By creating nine mule characters, you will gain access to an additional 297 slots in addition to your upgraded stash.

Now you know how the Diablo 4 stash system works. If you’re hungry for more thrilling games like Diablo 4, be sure to check out our list of the best PC games.






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