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El Sin Nombre Answers: Complete Guide to Getting Diego’s Keycard & Cracking the Safe Code

El Sin Nombre Walkthrough: Master the Mission and Uncover Secrets

If you’re in need of an El Sin Nombre walkthrough to conquer this challenging mission, you’ve come to the right place. This particular mission presents a stealth sandbox environment, which can be quite intimidating if you’re accustomed to a more action-packed approach to missions like those in Modern Warfare 2. However, even if you’ve completed the main objective, there are still some hidden secrets and additional challenges to tackle in El Sin Nombre.

One of the initial tasks is surviving an intense interrogation sequence. After that, you’ll need to infiltrate El Sin Nombre’s penthouse either by sneaking in through the elevator shaft or stealing Diego’s keycard. If you can successfully avoid killing anyone or triggering alarms, you’ll earn the Ghost-in-Training achievement. Furthermore, there’s a hidden safe code waiting to be discovered on this mission, giving you an opportunity to enhance your arsenal before the final showdown with El Sin Nombre.

Unlocking the Correct Answers in El Sin Nombre Interrogation

If you’re having trouble navigating the initial interview with Valeria, fret not, as we have the correct answers for the El Sin Nombre interrogation:

  • Mexican Special Forces
  • Shadow Company
  • Phillip Graves
  • Missiles

Remember, as Alejandro advises, just tell the truth and you’ll progress through the interrogation successfully.

Obtaining Diego’s Keycard

Begin by heading towards the garden area to the right of your starting location. Walk to the far end of the outdoor space and pass through an open gate on your left. You’ll notice a couple of guards on the left and a balcony above them. Walk straight ahead to the garden wall, climb up, and vault onto a small balcony connected to a spiral staircase. Proceed cautiously, make your way up the stairs, and grab the bottle at the top for potential distractions.

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Take a left turn, sneak past a billiards table, and continue towards the balcony. Vault over the balcony and move quietly along a narrow ledge. Follow the ledge to the right and enter through the bathroom window. In the room, you’ll find Diego and another guard, whom you can handle as you see fit. Look for Diego’s keycard on the altar in the main room.

Discovering Diego’s Safe Code

If you’re playing El Sin Nombre in Modern Warfare 2 and aiming to unlock the Gentleman Thief achievement, we have all the safe codes you need in our comprehensive guide. However, we have one right here to help you open Diego’s safe and make progress towards your goal.

Strangely enough, Diego’s safe isn’t located in his room. Instead, as you make your way to the next objective – the elevator – you’ll come across a room opposite the elevator door that houses the safe. Look for a poster on the left wall with the date 02/02/2019 at the bottom. After that, turn right, open the cupboard next to the en suite door, and interact with the safe inside. The safe code is 02-02-19. Inside the safe, you’ll discover a plate carrier and a sawn-off shotgun.

Achieving Ghost-in-Training

We recommend completing this challenge after finishing all the other challenges on this level, as it’s a straightforward run if it’s your sole objective. As before, traverse the outdoor area and climb the small balcony connected to a spiral staircase.

Once you reach the top of the staircase, grab the bottle and sneak along the corridor. Turn right at the end and pass through the door. Continue veering right as you move through the room and escape through the bathroom window. Use the trellis to climb up the ladder and take cover behind the chimney once you’re on the roof.

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This section requires careful timing and strategic use of the bottles to maintain stealth. Proceed forward and then take a right. Throw the bottle to distract the guards to your right and time your movements so that the guard on the left doesn’t spot you.

Once you successfully navigate past the final guard, there will be a ladder at the end of the patio. Climb it and join Alejandro in the elevator shaft. Once you breach the penthouse, you’re free to eliminate any guards inside.

That concludes our breakdown of every challenge and strategy for the El Sin Nombre mission in Modern Warfare 2. If you’re curious about the length of Modern Warfare 2, check out our detailed analysis to estimate how many hours it will take you to reach the campaign’s ending.






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