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Unlocking Favors of Grace in Destiny 2: Tips from Daphne Fama

If you’re on a quest to obtain the prestigious Queenguard Seal from Mara Sov, you know it’s no easy feat. One of the challenging requirements is acquiring 60 Favors of Grace during the Season of Defiance. However, there’s a quick and efficient method to farm these favors in no time. Let me guide you through the fastest way to farm Favors of Grace in Destiny 2.

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The Favors of Grace can be quite elusive as they necessitate delivering the final blow with a weapon that uses Special ammo. Thankfully, we have a strategy to simplify the process.

Firstly, you’ll need the appropriate setup. Choose a special ammo weapon that excels in clearing mobs. Personally, I recommend Witherhoard or Wavesplitter, but any special ammo weapon will do.

Once you have your weapon of choice, head to your helmet and equip the “Special Ammo Finder” mod. Although it costs three energy, it proves to be worthwhile. This mod significantly increases the drop chance of Special ammo upon killing enemies.

Next, if your weapon has an Element, navigate to your chest armor mods and select the corresponding “X Reserves” mod. For instance, if you’re using Wavesplitter, equip the “Void Reserves” mod. This will augment the amount of ammo you can carry for Void weapons.

Now that our setup is complete, the ideal farming location is the first stage of the Exotic Vexcalibur mission, node.ovrd.Avalon. In this initial combat stage, you’ll encounter shapes that need to be shot to complete a puzzle. However, if you avoid shooting the shapes, the Vex enemies will continue to spawn endlessly, creating an excellent opportunity to farm Favors.

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Once you’ve acquired all 60 Favors of Grace for the Queensguard seal, why not seize the chance to collect the seven secret chests in the mission as well? Discover all seven secret chests in the Vexcalibur Exotic Mission node.ovrd.Avalon in Destiny 2 (Week 3).






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