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Uncover Aneta in Diablo 4: Guide to Completing the Heretic Side Quest and Overcoming Common Bugs

If you’re playing Diablo 4 and find yourself in Zarbinzet, you may have encountered Vass. He firmly believes that demons are causing people’s deaths and asks for your help in finding survivors and locating Aneta. If you’re unsure how to find Aneta in Diablo 4, look no further!

Discovering Aneta in Diablo 4: Completing The Heretic Side Quest

The Heretic side quest can be quite challenging as it requires you to locate various items within a large blue circle. However, with a little guidance, you’ll be able to complete it successfully.

Steps to Complete The Heretic Side Quest in Diablo 4

After Vass assigns you the quest, your first objective is to find any survivors of the demon attack in the nearby ruins to the East. This is where you’ll come across Fallen enemies and a terrified girl.

That girl is none other than Aneta. She was caught in the demon onslaught while gathering flowers but is determined to bring something back for her sick mother. Your task is to collect three flowers for her.

Discovering these elusive flowers can be a challenge as they do not show up on the map and can be easily missed during the night in the game. Luckily, there is a helpful indicator to guide you – Aneta, who will be standing next to these unique flowers. These flowers are often referred to as “Withered,” “Singed,” or “Dying Plants.” Once you find them, Aneta will request your assistance in escorting her back to her mother in Zarbinzet.

At this point, a twist in the story occurs, as Aneta is accused of being responsible for the chaos in the ruins. To find Aneta, you need to speak to her unpleasant mother, who will inform you that she can be found in a cave located outside of town.

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If you’re encountering a bug where Aneta fails to appear or doesn’t enter the cave in Diablo 4, don’t fret – there’s a solution. Simply abandon the quest and start it again. Fortunately, since you already know the locations of all the flowers, completing the quest should be a breeze. You’ll be able to finish it in just around five minutes.

The Heretic is not the only place where demons lurk in Diablo 4. After finishing the game’s campaign, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover a few secret post-credit cutscenes filled with infernal surprises. If you’re interested in watching them, check out our guide on How to Watch All Secret Post-Credit Cutscenes in Diablo 4.






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