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Mastering Ghost Hunt in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide to Clue Hunting and Character Interactions

Welcome to the thrilling continuation of the Eleos Retreat quest chain!

Get ready to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding Kilman’s kidnapping as we embark on the Ghost Hunt quest in the captivating Starfield. We’re now halfway through the quest chain and inching closer to unveiling the identity of the mastermind behind this heinous act.

Completing Ghost Hunt in Starfield – A Step-by-Step Guide

Before we dive into the exciting details, let’s quickly recap the previous quest, Dead Stop. In this quest, you successfully located the missing construction worker in the Mineral Caves near Eleos Retreat, a remarkable rehabilitation community. We discovered that Kilman had been kidnapped, however, the motive and the identity of the kidnapper remained unknown. But fear not, as Sloane, the esteemed director of Eleos Retreat, has devised a plan to shed some light on the situation. Let’s get started!

Sloane will assign you the task of investigating an abandoned research outpost nestled in the mountains near the Mineral Caves. Brace yourself for some intense action as you encounter robotic resistance within the outpost. If you’ve been actively exploring or even following the main questline, you’ll notice a striking resemblance between this abandoned outpost and others you’ve come across.

In fact, the layout of this outpost is identical to the previous ones, right down to the precise location of the coveted Skill Magazine, Peak Performance.

But what we truly desire is to reach the ground floor, and luckily, there are multiple ways to achieve this. As soon as you enter the outpost, you can make your way through the door right in front of you. Alternatively, you can take the stairs located beside the kitchen to descend. And for the more adventurous individuals, there is always the option to jump down from the balcony in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

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Make your way to your destination using any route you prefer, but keep in mind the lurking turrets. Once you arrive, locate the door in the corner.

Upon entering, brace yourself for two additional turrets and a pair of formidable robot combat dogs. Eliminate them swiftly before proceeding through the door directly opposite to the one you came in through. This will lead you to a server room with a staircase.

As you ascend the stairs, make sure to turn right when you reach the corridor. It will guide you to a spacious office area filled with numerous cubicles. In your path, you might encounter a robot and a turret, but don’t worry, they can be easily dealt with. Once you’ve handled them, continue towards the far end of the office space. On your right side, you’ll find the coveted door we’ve been searching for.

Uncover the Identity of the Kidnapper

Step into this room and prepare for a thrilling investigation. Your keen eye will quickly spot a sizable Science Crate, waiting to be explored. Unlock its secrets and inside lies a valuable piece of evidence – the Corrupted Slate. This tantalizing clue holds the key to unraveling the mystery of the kidnapper. Do not underestimate its significance – it may just be the breakthrough we need.

Unfortunately, upon examination, it becomes evident that the file is indeed corrupted and cannot be read. It’s essential to take it back to Sloane for further analysis and advice.

Engage in a conversation with Sloane

Sloane can be found at the Eleos Retreat, specifically in the Infirmary. To locate the infirmary, head towards the main room where Greg D’Angelo was discovered. If you’re having difficulty finding it, look for the crystal in the back-right area.

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Prepare for an thrilling adventure as we uncover the mysterious code and unravel the secrets of the attackers at The Eleos Retreat. Monika, our expert cryptographer, is ready to decrypt the code left by the attackers. Surprisingly, they are part of the notorious Trackers Alliance, a group of intergalactic bounty hunters. But what drives them to target the innocent construction workers?

As avid seekers of truth, it is our duty to dig deeper into this enigma. Our next quest step, known as “Exorcism,” will take us closer to the truth.

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