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BG3: Understanding ‘He Who Was,’ Choices, Consequences, and Exploring Ruined Battlefields

Exploring the Ruined Battlefield in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter a suspicious Drow performing rituals on a corpse. However, he needs a ledger to complete his task and seeks your help. The question then arises – should you assist He Who was in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The quest, titled “Punish the Wicked,” is located east of the Last Light Inn. Here, you will find He Who Was attempting to interrogate the corpse. He will implore you to assist him in finding the true murderer, initiating the quest.

He Who Was, the Drow in the Ruined Battlefields, is one of the most sinister-looking NPCs you will come across. Serving the Raven Queen from Shadowfell, he is a Shadar-Kai NPC. Originally emotionless and detached, He Who Was was transformed into a sadistic torturer by the Shadow Curse. The Shadar-Kai, once elves, were corrupted and trapped by the Shadowfell, transforming them into monstrous beings.

His involvement in necromancy raises suspicions of his trustworthiness. The question remains – should you aid him?

If you choose to help He Who Was, you will need to retrieve the corpse’s ledger from the Waning Moon Inn. Inside, you will discover that while the corpse is guilty, she did not intend for her friends’ deaths to occur.

However, sharing this information with He Who Was does not change his stance. He remains determined to punish her, and giving him the ledger will result in him summoning her spirit into his body. At this point, you will have the option to forgive her, berate her, ask her to take her own life, or directly attack and kill He Who Was.

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What Happens if You Forgive Madeline?

If you choose forgiveness, He Who Was will attack you, leading to a battle where you must eliminate him. The loot you can obtain from his body is relatively average, with the only notable items being a note revealing his status as a deserter and a Divine Bone Shard, an alchemical ingredient used to create a Potion of Universal Resistance.

It is important to note that successfully passing a Charisma Check of 10 is required for this outcome. While Madeline may not fully forgive herself, she will find some peace with the resulting resolution.

What Happens if You Berate Madeline?

If you’re looking for an intense and thrilling gaming experience, then the story of He Who Was and Madeline will surely captivate you. In this quest, your decisions hold great power, shaping the outcome of the story. Are you ready to face the consequences?

If you choose to confront and berate Madeline, the twisted pleasure of He Who Was will be satisfied. For your efforts, he will reward you with the Raven Gloves, allowing you to summon the white raven Quothe, weak but intriguing. Moreover, your companion Shadowheart will be inspired, and you’ll earn valuable experience points.

Be prepared for a Charisma Check of 10 to pass. Failing or succeeding will impact the satisfaction of He Who Was.

The Consequences of Telling Madeline to Stab Herself

If you dare to instruct Madeline to take her own life, the wrath of He Who Was will be unleashed upon you. He will be furious that you caused him to harm himself, resulting in a fierce battle. However, the rewards will be the same as choosing forgiveness.

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If you prefer to skip the fetch quest altogether, you can opt to eliminate He Who Was after accepting the quest, but before giving him the ledger. This act will inspire Shadowheart, triggering an Inspirational Event called ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’.

Keep in mind that a Charisma Check of 14 is required for this path. Alternatively, you can intervene when Madeline is midway through stabbing herself, instantly initiating a battle with He Who Was.

Discovering the Ruined Battlefields

The Ruined Battlefields is a location that you’ll easily stumble upon in the game. When you first enter the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Act Two, it will be the very first place you encounter. To reach the Shadow-Cursed Lands, you can go through either the Grymforge or the Rosymorn Monastery. He Who Was awaits you at coordinates X: 128 Y: 110, along with the lifeless body of Madeline.

After leaving the Ruined Battlefields, you’ll find yourself among familiar faces, including Mattis, who has a key for sale. The question is, should you buy it?






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