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How to Assign Enchantments in Diablo 4: Unlocking Sorcerer Slots and Understanding Effects

Unlocking and Using Enchantment Slots for Diablo 4 Sorcerer

Are you ready to wield the incredible power of enchantments in Diablo 4 as a Sorcerer? The enchantment slots in Diablo 4 allow Sorcerers to enhance their magical abilities and become even more formidable in combat. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to unlock the enchantment slots and how to effectively utilize them.

Unlocking Enchantment Slots

To unlock the enchantment slots for Diablo 4 Sorcerer, you must reach level 15 and complete the class-specific priority quest called “Sorcerer: Legacy of the Magi.” This quest will lead you to Mordarin, who holds the key to unlocking the power of enchantments. Follow the quest instructions to locate the Forgotten Codex and meet Mordarin.

Once you have completed the quest, Mordarin will teach you about the book and its enchantments. This will unlock your first enchantment slot. As you progress and reach level 30, you will unlock the second enchantment slot.

All Enchantment Effects

Enchantments in Diablo 4 offer various effects and enhancements to your skills. Each enchantment can be leveled up, and the effects may vary based on the rank of the base skill. Here are some examples of enchantment effects for the Sorcerer class:

  • Arc Lash: Enemies around you are stunned for a short time when you use a cooldown ability.
  • Fire Bolt: Skills that deal direct damage apply an additional percentage of Burning damage over time.
  • Frost Bolt: Skills that deal direct damage apply Chill to enemies.
  • Spark: Killing an enemy has a chance to form a Crackling Energy.
  • Incinerate: A serpent spawns every few seconds and incinerates enemies, dealing Burning damage.
  • Fireball: When you kill an enemy, they explode in a Fireball, dealing damage.
  • And many more…
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Equipping Enchantments

To equip enchantments, you need to have at least one skill point allocated to the corresponding base skill. For example, to equip Fireball as an enchantment, you need to have at least Rank 1 in the Fireball Skill, regardless of whether it is currently equipped as an active skill. You can obtain skill points through leveling up or by equipping items such as armor, jewelry, and weapons that add a rank to specific skills. Make sure to check your item descriptions to see if they provide this benefit.

Now that you know how to unlock and use enchantment slots for Diablo 4 Sorcerer, harness the power of enchantments and unleash devastating magical abilities on your enemies. Enter the world of Sanctuary and become a legendary Sorcerer!

When it comes to enchantments in the game, it’s really easy to add them to your skills. All you need is at least one rank of your desired enchantment and the ability to open your skills menu by pressing the ‘S’ key. Once you’re in the skills menu, you can simply drag a skill to an enchantment slot. The great thing is that a skill can be placed in both a skill slot and an enchantment slot at the same time, giving you even more flexibility and options.

Now that you’ve learned all about enchantments, it’s time to put your Sorcerer to the test with the best D4 Sorcerer build. Whether you have multiple characters or just want to know what the experts at Blizzard think, you can find their favorite builds in our comprehensive Diablo 4 builds guide. So gear up and get ready to dominate the game!

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