how to get dead bodies out of ship starfield

How to Get Dead Bodies Out of Ship in Starfield: Advice from Expert Shaun Cichacki

Obtaining a new spaceship in Starfield is an exhilarating experience like no other. In your quest for conquest, battling fierce enemies can be thrilling, but it also leaves you with a surplus of, shall we say, unwanted “cargo”. It’s essential to know how to effectively clear out your ship once you gain control, especially if you’re not a fan of having decomposing bodies in the farthest corners of space. While you won’t be able to use a Swiffer Wet Jet in zero gravity, there’s a straightforward method to rid the halls of your newfound beloved vessel from these lifeless intruders.

To eliminate the unsightly sight of those decaying corpses on your ship, it’s crucial to swiftly make your way to the nearest Spaceport. These convenient locations are staffed with skilled technicians who can perform repairs and upgrades on your ship. Even a minor upgrade will do the trick of vanishing those lifeless bodies from your vessel.

Remember, any modification, regardless of its scale, will clear out the unwanted guests. So, it’s recommended to hold off on significant upgrades until you’ve acquired your dream ship. To locate these Spaceports, simply consult your map for the following destinations:

  • Akila City Spaceport
  • Cydonia Spaceport
  • Deimos Staryard Spaceport
  • Gargarin Spaceport
  • HopeTown Spaceport
  • Neon Spaceport
  • New Atlantis Spaceport
  • New Homestead Spaceport
  • Paradiso Landing Dock
  • Red Mile Spaceport
  • Stroud-Eckland Showroom Spaceport
  • Taiyo Astroneering Showroom Spaceport
  • The Den Spaceport
  • The Eleos Retreat Spaceport
  • The Key Spaceport

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