how to get to baldurs gate bg3

How to Get to Baldur’s Gate BG3: Your Ultimate Guide with Tips from Daphne Fama

Embark on an epic journey through picturesque landscapes, treacherous wastelands, and cursed realms, all with one destination in mind: Baldur’s Gate. But when will you actually arrive in this fabled city in Baldur’s Gate 3? Brace yourself, for the answer may surprise you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reach Baldur’s Gate in the game.

Unsurprisingly, Baldur’s Gate, the city after which the game is named, takes center stage as the primary location in Act 3. However, there are significant milestones you must first achieve to gain access to this illustrious city. Beware, minor spoilers lie ahead.

Your first encounter with a sign indicating “Baldur’s Gate” occurs during Act 2 while traversing the shadow-cursed lands. Simply following the highway won’t lead you to your destination. Instead, you must take action by striking at Moonrise Towers and dismantling its central operations. Only by completing the Moonrise Tower activity in its entirety and bidding farewell to Act 2 and the shadow-cursed lands, can you pave the way to Baldur’s Gate.

In Act 3 of the game, your journey in Baldur’s Gate takes you to Rivington, a town located just outside the city. However, reaching the Lower City within Baldur’s Gate, the outer ring of the city, requires you to pass through the South Span Checkpoint. To successfully cross the checkpoint, you have a few options: you can pay the guards, sneak past them, or seek assistance from the Ironhand gnomes.

However, even gaining entry into the Lower City is not enough. You need a Lower City pass to proceed further. Obtaining this pass becomes your next objective.

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Once you finally make it into the Lower City, you will come across a massive door labeled Baldur’s Gate. Interestingly, there is even a waypoint named Baldur’s Gate, giving the impression that you are about to enter the heart of the city. However, in reality, accessing these doors and progressing to the Upper City is not possible. It appears that this content was removed from the game before release, which may leave players feeling confused and disappointed.

Nevertheless, the Lower City offers a wealth of exciting encounters. Among them are numerous murder cases, which you have the opportunity to solve and earn valuable loot as a reward.






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