how to inspect weapon in mw2

Mastering MW2: How to Inspect your Weapon and Enhance Gameplay

How to Inspect Weapons in Modern Warfare 2

If you’re a fan of Modern Warfare 2 and want to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of your loadout, learning how to inspect your weapon is a must. This simple technique allows you to perform a captivating animation that showcases your customized guns. After all, you put in the effort to earn those camos, so why not show them off to your squadmates and enemies?

Modern Warfare 2 offers more customization options for your weapons than ever before. You may have seen videos online featuring players inspecting their guns and admiring their mastery camos between kills. If you’re wondering how to do this in the multiplayer game yourself, don’t worry, it’s easy. Just make sure you’re not in someone’s line of sight when you decide to take a close look at your arsenal.

Inspecting your gun in Modern Warfare 2 on PC is straightforward. During a match, simply press the ‘I’ button (unless you’ve changed your keybinds) – ‘I’ for Inspect. Your character will then start moving the equipped weapon around, allowing you to appreciate it from every angle. Should you spot an enemy while in the animation, don’t fret – moving will instantly bring you back into the action. For those playing with a controller, hold down the left button on the d-pad.

Now that you know how to showcase your loadout not only for yourself but also for others, head to the Modern Warfare Gunsmith and customize your favorite weapons to perfection. While you’re in the gunsmith, take a look at our recommended loadouts, such as the best Modern Warfare 2 M4 loadout featuring the stunning Cinder FJX Vault Edition blueprint or the top-notch Modern Warfare 2 sniper setup. Who knows, you might catch someone off guard as they admire their own hard-earned camo.

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