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Mastering BG3: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Split Items and Share with Players

If you’re an avid player of Baldur’s Gate 3, you probably know the joy of finding and looting valuable items. But what happens when there’s a race to grab the loot and one player ends up with everything? Thankfully, there’s a solution to this dilemma – you can split items in your inventory and share the wealth with your party members. It may not be immediately apparent how to do this, so let’s walk through the process.

How to Split Item Stacks in Baldur’s Gate 3

Let’s say you want to share some Rotten Tomatoes with your fellow adventurer, Lae’zel. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your inventory while in the game.
  2. Find the item you want to split – in this case, the Rotten Tomatoes.
  3. Right-click on the item to open the Context Menu.
  4. In the menu, locate and click on the “Split Item” button.
  5. Adjust the slider to select how many of the items you want to split.

By following these steps, you can easily divide item stacks and distribute them among your party members. Now everyone can share in the spoils and enjoy the benefits of these valuable items. Happy gaming!

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Once you’ve separated your items, you’ll notice that the quantity of the item has decreased accordingly. If you scroll to the last available space in your inventory, you’ll find those items neatly separated and ready to be shared with others.

How to Give Items to Others in BG3

There are a few different methods you can use to give items to other players in BG3, depending on what feels easiest for you. One option is to click and drag the items to the card of the desired character on the left side of the screen. Alternatively, if you have your inventory in Party View, you can directly drag the items into the inventory of the player you wish to give them to. Another option is to right-click on the items in your inventory and select the option to send them to any of your party members. And if you’re feeling less friendly, you can always drop the items on the ground and let your party members pick them up.

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While many quests and challenges in Faerûn may be more complex, splitting items in your BG3 inventory is actually quite straightforward. Make sure to check back for more guides on anything from Mundane Chests to Arcane Turrets.

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