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Exploring Hunters Trace 3: Unveiling the Charm and Fame of Daphne

Destiny 2’s Exotic Pulse Rifle, Revision Zero, is a truly exceptional weapon. As the highlight of the Season of the Seraph, it boasts a unique intrinsic perk called Hunter’s Trace. This perk offers a powerful advantage: precision hits with Revision Zero grant heavy rounds that can penetrate the barrier of Barrier Champions.

Unlike many other Exotic Weapons, Revision Zero requires a bit of extra effort to unleash its full potential. To truly unlock the power of this weapon, you need to reshape it at The Enclave on Mars. Additionally, leveling up Revision Zero’s Intrinsic is crucial to access its various perks. So, how do you unlock Hunter’s Trace 3 for Revision Zero in Destiny 2?

The answer lies in a combination of patience and grinding, as is often the case in Season of the Seraph. If you’re up to date with the quest line “Should You Choose to Accept It, Part II,” you’ll notice that when you approach the forge, Hunter’s Trace II is ready for unlocking.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, head to Mars and make your way to The Enclave. Once there, approach the Relic – Resonance Engine and select “Reshape: Modify an Existing Weapon.” From the list of Pulse Rifles, choose Revision Zero. On the left side of the menu, you’ll see a yellow sphere with a white pattern. Hover over it to find “Hunter’s Trace II” and the option to apply it.

Apply the perk. If it’s not available, it means you haven’t progressed far enough in your quests.

If you’re up to date with the quests, apply Hunter’s Trace II and then check if Hunter’s Trace III is ready to be unlocked as well.

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If it’s not, unlocking Hunter’s Trace III is a straightforward task. You need to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield one more time. Yes, it may feel like another run of Seraph’s Shield, but doing so will unlock the Intrinsic and allow you to apply the third row perks to Revision Zero. This will enhance its range, stability, handling, and reload speed.

It’s likely that unlocking Hunter’s Trace IV will follow a similar process, but we will have to wait until the next reset on Tuesday for it to become available.






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