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Unlocking the Jackpot: Backend Starfield Guide to Finding the Almagest Combination

The Starfield Jackpot Combination: Unlocking Rewards in the Almagest Casino

If you’re an avid Starfield player, you’ve probably come across the Almagest casino and its hidden treasures. One of the most sought-after secrets within the casino is the Starfield jackpot backend computer, tucked away behind a massive circular door. However, without the right code, accessing its rewards can be a challenge.

Don’t worry, though – we’re here to help! While the jackpot rewards may not be groundbreaking, they certainly add a nice boost to your Starfield credits total. Additionally, the container next to the computer holds valuable Starfield contraband. So, let’s uncover the exact Starfield jackpot backend combination for the Almagest casino, along with the rewards you’ll receive.

The combination to unlock the Starfield jackpot backend computer is 12-19-36-5. Simply enter this code, and the rewards will be automatically added to your credits. Keep in mind that the exact amount of credits may vary. In my case, I received 3,700 credits upon clicking the payout winnings option – it may not warrant the “jackpot” label, but every little bit helps.

But wait, there’s more! The contraband cache beside the terminal is where you can truly amass your wealth. I found three harvested organs and four mech components. Your rewards from the cache might differ slightly, but they are sure to be valuable. Remember, though, that these items are considered contraband, so make sure you have a Shielded Cargo Hold to smuggle them aboard any planets.

Discovering the Starfield Almagest Jackpot Combination

Looking for a legitimate way to find the Starfield Almagest jackpot combination? You won’t find it near the backend computer. Instead, turn around 180 degrees when facing the entrance to the room and ascend upwards. You’ll come across the corridor where you initially docked, with two rooms on either side below it. While the left one is inaccessible, the room on the right contains the manager’s computer, which holds the coveted combination.

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In addition, this room houses a skill magazine, a credstik, a science crate with valuable loot, and three locked safes (novice, advanced, and master). If you lack the necessary Starfield skills to unlock these safes, it’s wise to return later when you’re better prepared.

With this information, you’re now equipped to fully complete the Almagest casino and claim the jackpot in Starfield. Spend your hard-earned credits on new Starfield ships or the best Starfield guns. Alternatively, if you’re hungry for more Starfield knowledge, consider reading our guide on where to sell survey data in the game.

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