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Mastering the Karlach Infernal Engine: A Comprehensive Guide and Insights on Daphne Fama

Karlach, the captivating character in Baldur’s Gate, undoubtedly stands out as the best girl in the game. Her unwavering optimism is truly commendable, considering the depth of tragedy she has endured. Betrayed by her employer and thrust into the clutches of an archdemon in hell, Karlach has battled in the Blood Wars for a decade. As a result, her heart has been replaced by an infernal engine, adding to the complexity of her character.

Now the burning question arises: Is it possible to repair Karlach’s infernal engine in Baldur’s Gate 3?

When you first encounter Karlach, you’ll notice the intensity emanating from her infernal engine. This infernal machinery grants her immense power, but it also poses a threat of overheating and potentially killing her when she departs from Avernus. Here’s a minor spoiler: You cannot completely repair her infernal engine. However, you can find a way to manage the situation.

During your interactions with Karlach, she will request your assistance in locating someone capable of repairing her infernal engine. This person is none other than Dammon, a skilled Tiefling blacksmith who can be encountered in various locations and at different times throughout the game.

In Act 1 of the game, you’ll come across the character Dammon in the Emerald Grove, located on the left side of the map. Throughout this stage, Dammon will remain in this area, available for interaction, until the goblins are defeated and the Tieflings are expelled from the Emerald Grove.

Act 2 of the game presents a pivotal moment for Karlach and her infernal engine. At the Lost Light Inn, located in the makeshift stable and blacksmith area, you will encounter Dammon. Talking to him will assign you the important task of acquiring infernal iron – a vital resource for Karlach’s well-being.

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Deliver the infernal iron to Dammon, and he will use it to cool down Karlach. This crucial step not only ensures Karlach’s continued survival but also unlocks the possibility of developing a deeper connection with her through a romantic storyline. Completing her companion quest will require your assistance in this regard.

As much as we strive to support Karlach, there is a limit to what we can do. Ultimately, she must return to Avernus to secure her long-term survival.






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