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Last Will and Testament Destiny 2: Mastering Daphne Fama’s Epic Challenge

Help Commander Zavala and fulfill Amanda’s Last Will and Testament in Destiny 2

Amanda’s passing has affected not only Crow but also Commander Zavala deeply. After completing Retribution, it’s now time to assist Zavala in his grieving process. Here’s a guide on how to complete the Last Will and Testament quest in Destiny 2.

Upon finishing Retribution, make your way to the Tower and seek out Commander Zavala. He will provide you with a personal note, handwritten by Amanda herself.

Upon speaking with Zavala, you’ll be able to view the heartfelt last will and testament penned by Amanda. It’s a touching gesture as she has chosen to leave her ship to you, knowing how much she cherished it.

By accepting the quest, you will have completed the first step. Now, let’s move on to the second.

Head to the Hangar, where Amanda was once stationed. Over the past few weeks, a memorial has gradually grown, displaying the love and respect for her. Adjacent to the memorial, on the right side, you will find Amanda’s ship covered with a tarp adorned with Guardian logos. Approach the ship and interact with it.

Get ready to set sail on the Brazen Spark, the ship of the infamous Amanda Holliday. As described by and quoted from Amanda herself, “Everyone loves a spark… right up until it starts a fire.” This ship is yours for the taking, and with it, endless possibilities.

Speaking of Amanda Holliday, there have been speculations and rumors about her future in the Destiny 2 world. Will she return as a Guardian, chosen by the Light? Or is this truly the end of her journey? Only time will tell. However, one thing is for certain – Amanda Holliday would have made an exceptional Guardian.

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If you happened to encounter a bug during this quest, rest assured that you are not alone. Many others have faced similar challenges. Fortunately, we have a comprehensive guide on how to fix the Last Will and Testament Quest bug in Destiny 2 to help you overcome any obstacles.






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