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Unleashing Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal: Summoning, Defeating, and Claiming Rewards

Are you ready to take on the challenge of finding Lord Martanos, the notorious Zakarum paladin, in Diablo Immortal? Prepare yourself for an intense battle as he isn’t resting peacefully in his tomb. Not only is he guarding Mount Zavain, but he also shares it with an even deadlier enemy – the Ancient Nightmare. This demonic entity regularly rampages through the area, posing a significant threat to unsuspecting players. However, fear not! Defeating Lord Martanos will provide you with the essential item needed to put the Ancient Nightmare to rest.

While the encounter with Lord Martanos may not be as intricate as some of the other world bosses in Diablo Immortal, don’t underestimate his power. It’s crucial to equip your character with the best set items, charms, and legendary gems to ensure a victorious battle against this fallen foe.

The Lord Martanos spawn location is tucked away in the north-western corner of the map, within an area aptly named Martanos’s Tomb. From the Zakarum Cemetery waypoint, head west through the tunnel to reach the steps leading to his sanctum. Once you arrive at Martanos’s Tomb, interact with the grave altar to summon him.

How to Summon Lord Martanos

To encounter Lord Martanos, you must be playing on Hell I difficulty or above. This becomes available once you reach level 60 and complete the main campaign. Meeting these requirements is essential for challenging any world boss in the game. If you need assistance in reaching level 60, we recommend checking out our Diablo Immortal leveling guide.

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Keep in mind that summoning Lord Martanos is not guaranteed every time you interact with his altar. There is a 30-minute cooldown timer that starts every time he is summoned. Unfortunately, there is no set schedule for his appearances. However, if you interact with the grave altar during the cooldown, it will display the remaining time until he can be summoned again.

How to Defeat Lord Martanos

Lord Martanos boasts an enormous health pool similar to the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose, making the battle a lengthy endeavor. While it is technically possible to defeat him solo, it would be a time-consuming task, so we recommend assembling a group. Remember, if you fall in combat, you must wait 30 minutes before another chance at tackling him is available.

In terms of his moveset, Lord Martanos primarily relies on standard melee attacks, making the fight more straightforward compared to other world bosses in Diablo Immortal. Ranged classes will have an easier time managing this encounter, while melee classes, like Barbarians or Crusaders, need to take extra precautions. Positioning yourself strategically and leaving enough distance between you and other players is key. This ensures that if Lord Martanos begins swinging in one direction, not everyone takes damage simultaneously.

Be cautious of his shield throw, his sole ranged attack. The shield inflicts damage to every target in its path and returns to Lord Martanos, continuing to deal damage. Avoid positioning yourself directly in front of him during this attack.

If you are a melee class caught in his path, don’t hesitate to retreat to a safe distance, allowing your teammates to divert his attention while you heal. Teamwork and smart positioning are crucial for a successful victory against Lord Martanos.

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Prepare yourself for the battle with Lord Martanos as you face the Zakarum Oathbreakers and Skeletal Paladins that may come to his aid. While they may not match Lord Martanos in strength, their support damage can quickly become overwhelming if not dealt with. Fortunately, dispatching them is a relatively easy task, allowing you to focus on the main fight.

Rewards from Lord Martanos

Defeating Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal is not just about the thrill of victory, but also the rewards that await you. By vanquishing this powerful world boss, you can expect to receive a range of goodies including legendary items and enchanted dust. Additionally, your first triumph over Lord Martanos grants you Cathan’s Piety, one of the coveted Horadrim Vessels. To claim a permanent boost to your Armor, venture to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum in Westmarch and place Cathan’s Piety into the Legacy Shrine.

While these rewards offer undeniable benefits for enhancing your Diablo Immortal builds, the most significant prize from defeating Lord Martanos is the Zakarum Sigil. These sigils are invaluable when facing the Ancient Nightmare in the Misty Valley of Mount Zavain. Luckily, they are guaranteed drops from Lord Martanos, making it viable to farm him for additional sigils. We recommend carrying at least two or three Zakarum Sigils into the Ancient Nightmare fight, so be sure to take note of when you summon Lord Martanos to ensure you can collect more sigils once his cooldown resets.

That wraps up our guide on the spawn location and boss fight against Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, your next mission may be to defeat the Ancient Nightmare. However, if you’re looking to take a break from PvE and test your skills against other players, why not explore joining the Diablo Immortal Shadows and Immortals? The Cycle of Strife offers an exciting asymmetric PvP system, and our primer to the Diablo Immortal Shadow War is a great way to get started.

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