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Mastering Diablo 4: Guide to Lvl 70 Capstone Dungeon and Defeating Notorious Foes

Unlock the Ultimate Challenge: Diablo 4 World Tier 4

For those seeking a greater challenge in Diablo 4, Nightmare difficulty might not cut it. Fear not, for there is a solution – World Tier 4: Torment. However, in order to unlock this formidable tier, players must conquer the hardest dungeon in the game. Read on to learn how to defeat the World Tier 4 Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

The final capstone dungeon will take you to the Fallen Temple, where you first encountered Elias. While it is recommended for players at level 70 and above, it is still possible to tackle it at a lower level. Personally, I managed to conquer it at level 62. However, be warned, the final boss is one of the most challenging foes in the game. To reach him, you must first complete three dungeon missions.

Upon arrival at the Fallen Temple, you will be presented with a choice between two paths: The Sigil of the Weak and the Sigil of the Indolent. It doesn’t really matter which path you choose, as you will eventually have to complete both.

Step-by-Step Guide to Completing the Sigil of the Indolent Path

The name “Indolent” may mislead you, as this path is riddled with explosive Fallen Lunatics. You don’t necessarily have to kill them, as they will eventually explode on their own. However, be careful, as their explosions can easily take you out. Navigate your way through the map until you come across a barrier. Eliminate all the enemies in the vicinity, and the barrier will crumble.

Get ready for an exhilarating challenge in a confined space with an awe-inspiring Idol of the Fallen Temple. Your mission: destroy it! But be warned, a cunning Shaman will appear on the other side of the room, ready to disrupt your progress. Act swiftly and eliminate the Shaman before it can resurrect any obstacles in your path.

Mastering the Sigil of the Weak Challenge

The Sigil of the Weak challenge in the game presents a thrilling and action-packed scenario, with constant enemy spawns and formidable adversaries. In this guide, we’ll show you how to conquer this challenge and emerge victorious.

The challenge begins with the Idol continuously summoning Fallen Lunatics and other enemies. However, the Fallen Lunatics have a unique trait – they tend to explode upon resurrection. So, be cautious and take advantage of this behavior to clear out the opposition effectively.

Once you’ve eliminated the Idol, a Tainted Fallen Overseer will make its entrance. Remember to keep your distance from this deadly foe as it unleashes toxic pools and deals devastating damage. Use your wit and agility to outmaneuver its attacks and swiftly take it down.

After defeating the Overseer, you’ll notice the appearance of a stone where the Idol once stood. Don’t forget to pick up this stone as it is a crucial item for your progress.

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Now, head back to the main room and carefully place the stone on the pedestal. This is a crucial step towards completing the Sigil of the Weak challenge.

Tackling the Challenge: Understanding the Intensity

The name “Sigil of the Weak” may give the impression of insignificance. However, don’t be fooled. This segment truly lives up to its name due to the multitude of Overseers, Crushers, Gorgers, and Punishers you’ll encounter. These massive and hard-hitting enemies define the path you must traverse. Alongside them, you’ll also face smaller mobs, adding to the challenge and intensity of the gameplay.

In conclusion, by understanding the mechanics and tactics necessary to overcome the Sigil of the Weak, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer this highly demanding challenge. May you emerge victorious and unlock the rewards that await!

If you want to obtain the Sigil of the Indolent, there is a path you need to follow. As you navigate through the square path, you will eventually come across a chamber that is guarded by a formidable Demonic Barrier. Don’t fret, though! Approach the barrier and interact with it, and you will be presented with an exciting challenge – the “Trial of the Weak”. Brace yourself and prove your strength!

Prepare yourself for an intense battle as you face waves of formidable adversaries in the Cathedral of Flesh. The enemies you’ll encounter include the menacing Bilefiends, who are soon joined by even deadlier foes as the countdown timer ticks away. Brace yourself for approximately four waves of enemies, including some of the toughest adversaries you’ve encountered so far in your journey.

But fear not, for with skill and strategy, you can overcome these challenges. Defeat each wave, triumph over the Fiery Fallen Overload (Mortar) in the final showdown, and claim victory.

After emerging victorious, a valuable bloodstone will materialize at the location of the previously formidable Demon Barrier. Seize this opportunity and collect the bloodstone, then make your way back to the main room’s pedestal. Placing the bloodstone here will unlock your path to the enigmatic Temple of Flesh.

Achieving Success in the Cathedral of Flesh

With both stones safely deposited, a new passage will reveal itself, leading you closer to the ultimate boss fight. Your primary objective now is to eliminate one Animus collector, a formidable foe, and harvest the valuable purple Animus they drop. Once obtained, deposit the Animus in the relic located outside the boss’s chamber door. There are four Animus Holder Elites present, but a single collector is enough to fulfill your requirements.

If you’re looking for the quickest and most efficient route to the boss door while encountering the least number of enemies, then look no further. This path will save you valuable time and help you reach your destination with ease.

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Exploring the depths of the dungeon, you are bound to come across numerous Animus Holders, but if you are in the mood for a little extra challenge, prepare to face an assortment of formidable foes from both the Sigil of the Weak and the Sigil of the Indolent sections.

As you make your way towards the canister where your precious Animus will be deposited, brace yourself for a thrilling encounter with not one, but two powerful mini-bosses:

  • Draven: Armed with mortar attacks and explosive power, Draven is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Chaol: Known for his ability to create walls and summon allies, Chaol is a formidable opponent who will test your strategic prowess.

When facing the challenging encounter with Draven and Chaol, it’s crucial to prioritize taking down Chaol first. Why? Because Chaol’s presence will make it extremely difficult to evade Draven’s mortar attacks and they will continuously summon additional enemies. However, don’t worry too much as they are not significantly harder than the other elite foes you’ve faced before. Just be cautious of the exploding blights that can cause substantial damage if you find yourself within their radius. To increase your chances of success, try to stay close to Draven and Chaol if possible.

A guide to defeating Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

Prepare yourself for a challenging battle against Elias. This formidable opponent heavily relies on long-range fire magic, mobs, and occasionally inflicts poison damage. To ensure your success in this fight, I highly recommend equipping yourself with a Desert Escape Magic Incense and a Strong Elixir of Fire Resistance. Additionally, if you managed to obtain any Flawless Rubies while clearing mobs in this dungeon, I strongly suggest socketing them into your equipment as they provide valuable fire resistance. And remember, if you need to make preparations, you can always return to town through a portal. Just be mindful that once you leave town, the portal will close, and you’ll have to restart the dungeon.

  • Fire Ring: Elias summons a ring of fireballs that shoot off in a straight line around him.
  • Counter: When Elias encircles himself with flames, it’s best to back away. The fires move outward in a straight line, and you can easily dodge them by keeping some distance. Getting hit by a fireball will knock you back and stagger you briefly.
  • Three Orbs: Elias forms three scarlet orbs around him and throws them like homing missiles towards you.
  • Counter: When he summons the three orbs, it’s recommended to back away and run around him in a wide circle. The orb attack does not last long, but if it seems like it might hit you, dodge it.
  • Fire Wave: Elias summons a fan-shaped fire wave that initially covers a quarter of the arena. Later in the fight, he adds more waves, eventually covering the entire arena.
  • Counter: At the start, Elias will summon only one wave. To counter it, quickly get out of the marked triangle and go behind him where he will be locked in animation. As the fight progresses, he will summon additional waves. Step into the blackened zone of the first wave when he places a second wave to the right of it. When Elias is almost defeated, he will cover the entire arena with flames. It is recommended to save a barrier or defensive ability for this crucial moment.
  • Ritual Circles: Elias creates several ritual circles on the floor that can damage you if you stand on them. He will also periodically summon mobs of Succubus and Flesh Threshers.
  • Counter: When he begins summoning circles on the floor, position yourself in the space between them. If he follows up with a mob attack, be prepared to keep moving quickly, as he may launch a Three Orb attack soon after.
  • Large Triangle Ritual: Elias summons a large triangle in the middle of the arena, surrounded by a ring of fire. At each corner of the triangle, there will be a poisonous summoning pool where three Balrogs will spawn.
  • Counter: When Elias starts summoning the large triangle, try to position yourself in the middle. During this animation, Elias will be locked in place, giving you an opportunity to attack.
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These names are not official, but they give a clear indication of each move. Elias telegraphs his actions, allowing you time to prepare and position yourself accordingly.

For the first two moves, it is advisable to keep a safe distance and then close in when Elias is locked in the Fire Wave animation. The remaining part of the fight is centered around managing the mobs and avoiding Elias’s attacks. By keeping the above counters in mind and gradually dealing with the mobs, you will be able to defeat Elias. If you find it challenging, equipping a barrier aspect, such as the Aspect of the Protector, can greatly increase your survivability. This aspect is available to all classes and can be found at the Lost Archives in Fractured Peaks. It grants you a barrier that absorbs damage for a limited time whenever you damage an elite enemy.

Once you have defeated Elias, all that is left is to go to Kyovashad to change your World Tier level. At World Tier 4, you can finally acquire Ancestral Equipment, which provides a significant improvement to your character. To see the difference it makes, check out our article on “What’s the Difference Between Sacred and Ancestral Equipment in Diablo 4 – Answered.”






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