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Discovering Fortnite’s Mending Machines: A Comprehensive Where-To-Find Guide

Discover the Locations of Fortnite Mending Machines

Are you on the hunt for Fortnite Mending machines? Look no further! These lively vending machines are the perfect remedy for staying healthy in the fast-paced battle royale game. From selling bandages and medkits to shield potions and character patches, these machines have got you covered – for a price.

Each season in the game typically features a quest to purchase something from Fortnite Mending machines. However, before embarking on this mission, make sure you have enough Fortnite gold bars saved up. But don’t worry, you won’t need a fortune in gold. The contents of a mere cash register will be enough to buy most items from this helpful vendor.

Where to Find All Fortnite Mending Machines

In previous seasons, there were numerous healing stations scattered across the Fortnite map. However, in Chapter 4 Season 1, only three Mending Machines have been confirmed. Here is where you can find them:

  • Outside the gas station in the green space surrounded by snow, located towards the northernmost point of the map.
  • Outside the gas station north of Faulty Splits.
  • Outside the gas station west of Faulty Splits.

Once you arrive at a Mending Machine, interact with it to access the inventory. Choose the item you wish to purchase and press the button to confirm your selection. It doesn’t matter which healing item you choose, as long as you can afford it. Here are the available items and their costs at the Mending machines:

  • Bandage – 10 gold bars
  • Medkit – 50 gold bars
  • Small shield potion – 30 gold bars
  • Shield potion – 120 gold bars
  • Character patch-up – 100 gold bars
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Now that you know where to find the Fortnite Mending machines, you’ll have an advantage in securing that all-important victory royale. And if you’re looking for more Fortnite tips and tricks, check out our guides on earning free V-bucks, understanding Fortnite animals, and mastering the new Fortnite augments mechanic.






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