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Minecraft Bans Guns: An Insightful Look Into The Decision and Its Outcomes

Exciting news for Minecraft players! Mojang, the developer of the popular building game, has recently introduced revised user policies that might lead to some major changes. It appears that guns and firearms will no longer be allowed in Minecraft due to non-compliance with the adult content rules. Users have reported that certain Minecraft servers, including the well-known Grand Theft Minecraft (GTM), have received notices from Mojang to remove or redesign the guns featured in their custom games.

In an email shared by Grand Theft Minecraft, supposedly from Minecraft’s Enforcement Team, it stated that guns and weapons are considered non-compliant features under the game’s adult content requirements for commercial usage servers. The email requested the removal of all references to guns and firearms to ensure compliance.

The GTM team, however, responded by pointing out that gun servers have operated under the End User License Agreement (EULA) for years. They also highlighted the presence of other weapons like bombs, crossbows, and swords within the game itself. The GTM team argued that it would be unfair to target their server when Mojang-endorsed servers and DLCs on the Minecraft marketplace also contain firearms.

The Minecraft Enforcement Team seemingly clarified that while “weapons” are still permitted, the non-compliance issue solely revolves around guns and firearms. They stated their intention to enforce the policies on other servers as they receive more reports. In response, GTM suggested adjusting the visual designs of their guns, such as adding orange tips like toy or Airsoft guns, to differentiate them from real-life weapons. However, the Minecraft Enforcement Team insisted that even with these changes, the non-compliance issue would remain due to the guns’ names being associated with real-world counterparts.

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Grand Theft Minecraft has stated that it will rename all the guns on its server to comply with Minecraft’s EULA. Additionally, they are prepared to add orange “toy-gun” tips to their firearms or even redesign them into fantasy blasters if required.

In light of these changes, GTM encourages players to stand up for their favorite games on other servers that may also be affected by this policy. It is an opportunity for the Minecraft community to come together and support their beloved game.

Stay tuned for updates on how Minecraft will continue to evolve within the boundaries of its new user policies. Exciting adventures and possibilities await in the world of Minecraft!

PCGamesN reached out to Mojang and the Minecraft Enforcement Team for their response regarding the reported ban. Any updates or additional information will be included in this story to provide readers with the latest details.

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