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MW2 Screen Flickering: Ultimate Fixing Guide for Modern Warfare 2 on Console

Modern Warfare 2 players have been dealing with a frustrating issue – screen flickering and tearing. This technical problem can cause distractions and even lead to unfair deaths in a fast-paced FPS game. Thankfully, most of the causes of screen tearing or flickering in Modern Warfare 2 are related to settings, meaning there are solutions to help you overcome this problem and avoid unnecessary eye strain.

The phenomenon of screen flickering occurs when your GPU tries to display images at a rate that your monitor cannot keep up with. This results in a horizontal line appearing on your screen, effectively splitting the image in half.

The easiest fix for screen flickering in Modern Warfare 2 is to enable VSync in the game’s menu. Simply click on the cog in the top-right corner of the main menu and select “Graphics”. In this menu, you will find two options for V-Sync that you can enable for smoother gameplay and navigation through menus.

If enabling VSync doesn’t solve the issue, you can try specific solutions based on your GPU brand:

For Nvidia GPUs:

  • Right-click on your desktop.
  • Go to the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • In the 3D Settings category, select “Manage 3D Settings”.
  • Change the Vertical Sync option to “On”.


  • Right-click on your desktop.
  • Go to AMD Radeon Settings.
  • Change the Wait for Vertical Refresh option to “Always on”.

Enabling either of these settings should resolve any screen tearing or flickering issues you are experiencing. If the problem persists, ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date. You can do this by using the Nvidia Control Panel or the AMD Radeon Settings Application.

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If you’re experiencing screen flickering and tearing in Modern Warfare 2 on your console, don’t worry – there are solutions you can try. While console graphics options may be more limited compared to PC, you can still address these issues. One potential solution reported by players is to reduce the in-game frame rate from 120hz to 60hz. If your TV does not support 120hz output, attempting to play a game at 120 frames per second can result in visual problems.

Another option to consider is lowering your anti-aliasing settings or disabling HDR, as some users have found success with these adjustments. By making a few simple changes and ensuring your drivers are up to date, you can eliminate those pesky screen flickering issues in Modern Warfare 2.

Once you’ve resolved any technical issues, you can focus on optimizing your gaming experience by fine-tuning your Modern Warfare 2 settings. With a little bit of tweaking, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy maximum performance.






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