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Unlocking Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2: Step-by-Step Guide to Deciphering Messages, Recovering Nodes, and Beating the Zero Hour Mission

Destiny 2: How to Get Outbreak Perfected

If you’re wondering how to obtain the powerful Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2, you’re in luck! The process is much simpler compared to the quest to obtain Outbreak Prime in the original Destiny. You won’t need to solve complex puzzles or do math-related tasks this time around.

Similar to Destiny 2’s Outbreak Prime, Outbreak Perfected comes with the Corruption Spreads perk in the free PC game. This perk spawns SIVA nanites that deal damage to nearby enemies on rapid hits and precision kills. In addition, there’s a new perk called Parasitism that allows Outbreak Perfected to deal bonus damage to enemies the SIVA nanites have attached to.

To acquire the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle, all you have to do is purchase the exotic weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights terminal located in the Tower. However, if you’re interested in the old method of obtaining Outbreak Perfected, it’s detailed below for reference.

Step 1: Find the Fallen Transponder

The first step is to travel to Titan. Start the Bad Neighbors Heroic Adventure and progress until you encounter a Shrieker, which resembles a large purple crystal. Once you defeat the Shrieker, look to your left, and you’ll find a door that reads “unlocked” when you’re near it.

If the quest is inaccessible, don’t worry. You can find this door during Patrol by spawning at Tidal Anchor and following the path until you pass the control room. When you encounter Hive goo blocking your path, go around it and through the doorway. Inside, you’ll come across a small, dark room with the previously mentioned door on the left.

Some players have reported difficulty in opening this door. If you encounter this issue, try switching characters. If that doesn’t work, ensure you have completed the Enemy of My Enemy questline. In this mission, you’ll witness a Hive Knight fighting a Fallen Captain. It’s important to kill the Knight and spare the Captain.

Once the door is open, examine the table to find the Fallen Transponder.

Step 2: Recover the Six Nodes

This step involves finding and unlocking nodes in Lost Sectors. Fortunately, we have provided the locations of these nodes to help you progress quickly. For visual references and pictures of each location, you can refer to this helpful Reddit thread by Nyxara.

  • Node 1: Begin by flying over to the EDZ on Earth and then head to the Drain Lost Sector. Keep going until you reach a cavern adorned with Fallen flags. Between two boxes with purple sheets, you’ll find the first node.
  • Node 2: Proceed to the Whispered Falls Lost Sector in the EDZ. Look to your right and you’ll see a small nook with a glowing green light. Node 2 is located here.
  • Node 3: Still in the EDZ, visit the Atrium Lost Sector and descend the stairs in the church. Take a left, and you’ll find Node 3 tucked behind a pillar in a small alcove.
  • Node 4: Head to the Widow’s Walk Lost Sector and clear it of enemies. Proceed past the chest and find a small landing inside a broken building to the right. Node 4 is located here.
  • Node 5: Transition to Nessus and complete the Carrion Pit Lost Sector. After passing the chest, jump down as far as possible and then turn back around. Behind a hidden wall, you’ll find Node 5.
  • Node 6: Still in Nessus, make your way to The Rift Lost Sector. Look for the giant red light in the center and then turn left of the chest. You’ll find the final node hanging off a ledge from a storage container.
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Deciphering the message

Now that all the nodes have been obtained, you’ll see a long and cryptic message in the Fallen Transponder. But there’s no need to worry! Head to The Farm and locate a large barn with an open cellar on the right side of the social space.

Descend the stairs and follow the path until you encounter Mithrax, the Fallen Captain. Remember to spare him during the previous mission. However, don’t engage in conversation as it triggers the final mission. Assemble your best fire team, ensure all members are above 690 light, and get ready for the ultimate challenge.

Completing the Zero Hour mission

You only have 20 minutes to complete this level, but with a well-leveled group, it should be a breeze. Make sure your team covers Arc, Solar, and Void damage. The first two areas involve combat and platforming sections. From the “The Passage” area, head under the ship to your left and navigate through the ventilation shaft. Take the first right and drop down to the next platform. Continue outside until you spot a big yellow crate.

Here, you can take advantage of a massive skip. Hug the wall, use your jump to push yourself onto a ledge, and continue with the linear platforming. Eventually, you’ll reach a large chasm. Jump to the end and find the exit in the bottom right corner. There’s also a switch that can be activated to assist your teammates with the platforming section.

You’ll encounter a puzzle guarded by a dangerous robot named Trevor. Avoid Trevor at all costs, as he can kill you with a touch. Look for four switches located in the corners of the maze. Assign one team member to the left side and another to the right. Stay alert, avoid Trevor, and successfully hit all the switches to proceed.

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Embark on an exhilarating journey through The Vault in Destiny 2 to face the final boss and claim your well-deserved reward. Although the process may seem straightforward, be prepared for twists and turns as the boss’s behavior shifts during the encounter. When the boss reaches 90% health, be ready for teleportation and the appearance of a Servitor Shank – deal with it swiftly. At 80%, brace yourself for the arrival of two Walker Tanks on the left and right – remember, defeating the boss alone won’t complete the mission, you must obliterate everything in your path. As your efforts culminate, the ultimate prize awaits – the coveted Outbreak Perfected.

Unleash the potential with the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected Catalyst

To obtain the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst, you must conquer the Heroic version of the Zero Hour strike. Brace yourself for a power level of 700 and a completely overhauled platforming experience that awaits. Diverge from the usual path in the strike and instead of taking the vent to the left, head towards the right and locate the AC box in the back right corner. Descend through the vent and follow the path, descending once again.

You’ll find yourself in a small industrial room with a narrow bridge. Escaping from this room is a breeze – simply pull the levers in all four corners, and a path will appear. Next, you’ll enter the aqueduct room. Ascend to the top, jump on the raised lid for chute 03, and navigate the staggered ledges until you spot an air vent.

A long and slender hallway dotted with small rooms and a lever awaits you. Pull the lever and continue down the hall, taking the left path at the end to reach an outdoor platforming section. Here, there are no shortcuts or tricks, only your skills and determination to navigate the intricate platforming challenges that Destiny is known for.

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Brilliant! You’ve made it through. Proceed through the open panel at the top of the railing and prepare yourself for another exhilarating slide. As you reach the other side, look up and to the right to spot an air vent. Pass through it, and you’ll find yourself back on familiar ground if you’ve previously completed the Zero Hour strike.

From this point forward, the journey follows its usual course until you reach the vault beyond the boss fight. Stepping into the gridded room leading to the ornate chamber can be perilous if you don’t choose the correct path. Remember these steps: second from the left, up, left, up, up, right, right, down, right, right, up, up, left, and up.

With the power spike aside, the boss remains unchanged – apply your previous strategies, and the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst will be yours.

There you have it – the ultimate guide on obtaining the Destiny 2 Outbreak Perfected exotic pulse rifle. Its exceptional power and performance will aid you in the monumental challenges that lie ahead, including the daunting Root of Nightmares and the Lightfall raid.






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