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Best MW2 P890 Loadout: Exploring Top Attachments for Optimal Performance

Are you searching for the ultimate P890 loadout in Modern Warfare 2? Look no further! The P890, a semi-automatic pistol, has unexpectedly gained popularity in multiplayer battles due to its impressive capabilities in close-quarters combat.

In the realm of assault rifles and sniper rifles, the P890 stands out with its powerful punches, even without attachments. Our top-notch P890 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 enhances its already impressive handling and mobility by improving aim down sights speed and recoil control. We’ve also made adjustments to increase bullet velocity, although it’s important to remember that the P890’s effectiveness is limited to close range. While it may not match the long-range capabilities of weapons like the Lachmann-762 or the TAQ-56, our loadout takes all these factors into account, ensuring a well-rounded P890 experience.

Best P890 Loadout Attachments

  • Barrel: XRK Tacops Barrel
  • Trigger Action: Bruen Express
  • Muzzle: Forge DX90-F
  • Rear Grip: FJX DVF60
  • Magazine: 10 Round Mag

Speed is crucial for close-range battles, and the XRK Tacops Barrel enhances your movement and aim down sight speed. To further improve stability and accuracy, the Bruen Express trigger action is an excellent choice.

The Forge DX90-F muzzle attachment provides a bonus to bullet velocity and recoil smoothness, allowing you to eliminate enemies wielding heavy firepower even faster, with quick recovery times between shots. The FJX DVF60 rear grip ensures superior recoil control for when you’re up close and personal with the P890, trading off a minor penalty to aiming stability.

As for magazines, we recommend the 10 Round Mag. While not essential compared to other components in this loadout, having a few extra rounds in your chamber can be a game-changer during intense combat. However, keep in mind that the 10 Round Mag negatively affects movement speed, aim down sight speed, reload quickness, and sprint to fire speed.

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There you have it! Our best P890 loadout for Modern Warfare 2. If you’re looking to diversify your arsenal, be sure to check out our guide on the best Modern Warfare 2 guns. Additionally, we’ve got you covered with information on Modern Warfare 2 camo challenges and how to achieve gold status. For a change of pace, explore our selection of the best PC games for alternative gaming experiences.






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