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Ping a Commander DMZ: Comprehensive Guide and Key Insights

The latest update in Call of Duty Season 4 has introduced a new set of objectives for the White Lotus Faction, replacing the previous Commanding Intel mission. While the first task is fairly straightforward, players might find the DMZ ‘Ping a Commander’ assignment a bit tricky, as it may not be immediately clear what a commander is and how to complete this revamped mission. If you’re currently stuck on this challenge, fear not! We’re here to explain what a commander is and provide you with the solution to successfully complete the updated version of Commanding Intel.

How to Ping a Commander in DMZ

To successfully ping a commander in the DMZ, you simply need to locate one of the various boss characters present on any map and press up on the D-pad. Identifying bosses is usually not too difficult, as the game frequently provides notifications when enemies enter an area.

For example, in the Al Mazrah map, you can encounter the Pyro and the Scavenger as bosses, while Ashika Island features the Bombmaker. If you’re looking for an easier way to complete the task, we recommend attempting it on the Vondel map, where boss characters spawn quickly and frequently. Another helpful tip is to search for the Commander Helo on this map, as you can easily spot them by looking up and ping them swiftly.

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If you’re a fan of Commanding Intel missions in your favorite game, you’re in luck! The great news is that these missions don’t require you to engage in battle, making it easier for players to achieve success without a scratch. However, there’s more to it. To complete the objective fully, you must also tackle a Secure Intel contract, conveniently marked by green-colored phone icons on the map. Accomplishing both tasks will unlock rewards, including the highly sought-after JOKR Contraband weapon, a generous boost of +5000 XP, and an increase in Reputation points.

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Now, let’s delve into another exciting quest in the White Lotus series. In this mission, you’ll be embarking on the Ashika Recon quest, and your mission is to locate an STB 556. To progress further, it’s crucial to master the art of pinging a commander in the DMZ. This knowledge will be of immense help. If you’re hungry for more Faction-related assignments, remember to explore the relevant links below. They contain valuable tips and tricks to assist you in your gaming journey.

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