reactive advanced experimental nishina helmet

Mastering the Reactive Advanced Experimental Nishina Helmet: A Guide to Starfield Legendary Armor and Weapons

Are you wondering which legendary gear in Starfield is the best? Just like in any RPG or everyday life, different items have different qualities. When it comes to Starfield legendaries, they can make a world of difference when facing enemies.

Starfield is an incredibly vast game, as our Starfield review mentions, with a wide array of items and trinkets waiting to be discovered as you explore the universe. However, not all gear is created equal. So, which ones are truly worth your time? While all Starfield weapons have their own effectiveness, it’s the legendary ones that truly make you a force to be feared.

While many of the Starfield legendary weapons seem to be generated upon spawning, there are also unique drops that can be obtained by completing missions. These not only boast impressive aesthetics but also come with additional effects.

  • Keelhauler
  • Shattering Modified Old Earth Assault Rifle
  • Titanium Barrow Knife


The Keelhauler is a legendary pistol given as a mission reward by the Crimson Fleet. It excels in close-quarters combat, staggering enemies and dealing additional damage based on the opponent’s armor. It even has a chance to send enemies into a frenzy, forcing them to attack their own allies. Despite its exceptional accuracy and the option for fully automatic fire, the Keelhauler’s only drawback is its limited six-round capacity.

Shattering Modified Old Earth Assault Rifle

While this assault rifle is one of the generated offerings on the list, finding a legendary weapon with similar stats will undoubtedly make you a formidable force. The Shattering perk allows the rifle to destroy shields with unmatched efficiency, while the Bashing perk grants significant damage when enemies get within melee range.

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Titanium Barrow Knife

Although another generated weapon, having a powerful melee weapon at your disposal is always a wise choice, especially in tight corridors or ship battles. The Titanium Barrow Knife deals extra damage to humans, has the ability to poison your target, and is incredibly lightweight.

Discover the Best Starfield Legendary Armor

Equipping your character with powerful legendary armor is crucial in the expansive world of Starfield. Two standout options are the Incendiary Ground Crew Space Helmet and the Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet.

Incendiary Ground Crew Space Helmet

When facing advanced Starfield factions, the Incendiary Ground Crew Space Helmet is a game-changer. It not only reduces incoming energy damage but also has a chance to ignite enemies who are in close proximity to you. The fiery effect it delivers will surely give you an edge, but we can’t reveal all the secrets behind its abilities.

Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet

If you’re an adventurer exploring unknown worlds and facing alien life forms, the Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet is a must-have. This remarkable piece of armor not only reduces damage from extraterrestrial beings but also increases your own damage against scanned targets. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking thrilling encounters with otherworldly creatures.

Although it may be challenging to find these exact legendary items in Starfield, they serve as a solid foundation to guide you in selecting your gear wisely.

Explore the Array of Starfield Legendary Weapons

Starfield offers a vast array of legendary weapons to suit different playstyles and combat scenarios. Here’s a comprehensive list of some notable examples:

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Legendary weapon Weapon type
AA-99 Rifle
Ace Sidearm Pistol
Ambassador Pistol
Arc Welder Heavy
Ashta Tamer Heavy

If your backpack becomes overburdened with gear, remember that you can rely on your trusty Starfield companions and crew to help carry the load. Additionally, consider upgrading your Starfield ship’s cargo area to maximize storage space, ensuring your spacesuit pockets are never cramped.

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