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Rescue Origins Victim BG3: A Comprehensive Guide on Strategy, Confrontation, and Successful Rescue Missions

Prepare to be captivated by the devious plots concocted by Orin in Baldur’s Gate 3. This cunning character will stop at nothing to thwart your progress or entice you to join her side. However, her latest act of capturing an innocent child victim has crossed the line. In this comprehensive guide, we will reveal the precise location where you can rescue the victim and shed some light on their identity.

If you venture to the heart of the Temple of Bhaal, you will find Orin’s captive. However, be prepared for a challenging boss fight against Orin, following intense dialogue checks. To reach this crucial stage in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must first complete a series of tasks associated with the Open Hand Temple murders. We recommend prioritizing the hunt for the killer, as you will require his macabre bag of hands to proceed.

The killer in question is a gifted dwarf who has aligned himself with Bhaal, proving his worth through nefarious acts. It is essential to confront and subdue him before he claims any more lives. Once defeated, thoroughly search his body to retrieve the crucial bag of hands necessary for accessing the next area.

Obtaining the Amulet of Bhaal

To acquire the Amulet of Bhaal, start by heading north of the Stormshore Tabernacle to Candulhallow’s Tombstone. There, you’ll need to pick the lock to gain entry. Behind the painting, you’ll find a button that opens a secret bookshelf. Descend the stairs to reach the Crypt of Bhaal, where you’ll confront Serevok Anchev, the level 16 boss. Defeat him to claim the Amulet of Bhaal as your own.

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Exploring the Underground

To proceed further, you must venture into the Underground. While there are multiple entrances, the two most recommended options are:

  • Breaking through the wall near the Guild’s Headquarters.
  • Entering through the hatch at the Emperor’s Hideout.

Alternatively, you can also find access points through various manholes and sewer grates scattered throughout Baldur’s Gate.

Navigating the Underground involves traversing a hazardous path filled with acid and grease enemies. Keep to the right side and head north. Pass the bridges, a door, and a staircase until you reach the Undercity Ruins. Look for a large stone door and utilize your Amulet of Bhaal to gain entry.

After defeating the Farslayer of Bhaal and Gislev, you’ll finally gain access to the temple of Bhaal. Follow these steps:

  1. In the area after defeating Gislev, look for lighted statues and descend downward. Along the way, you’ll encounter a pile of corpses and Dribbles the Clown’s head.
  2. Continue past the large bridge, ensuring you click on the waypoint for a chance to replenish HP and spells.
  3. Upon crossing the bridge, you’ll come face to face with the formidable doors of the Temple of Bhaal. Utilize your Amulet of Bhaal to open them, preparing yourself for an intense battle and engaging dialogue.

Confronting Orin and Rescuing the Victim

Now, armed with the Amulet of Bhaal, open the imposing doors near the portal to enter the Temple of Bhaal. Inside, you’ll find Orin and the victim on a ritual table. Engage in dialogue with Orin, passing the necessary checks to prevent the victim’s demise.

Engaging in a fierce battle with Orin is the ultimate test of your skills. Succeeding in defeating him is a significant achievement, but the battle is only part of the equation. To fully thwart the Bhaalists’ plans, you must ensure they cannot complete their ritual. Additionally, it is crucial to retrieve the keys from your adversaries and rescue the captive on the locked ritual table.

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The identity of the victim depends on your unique playthrough. In our case, it was Yenna, a member of our main party, but it can vary for others. Serendipity plays a role here, but if you desire a different outcome, you can always reload a previous save.

Convincing Orin to Ignore the Victim

By skillfully navigating through a series of speech checks, you can convince Orin to disregard the victim and engage in combat with your party instead. The complete dialogue tree for this is as follows:

  1. [DECEPTION] “Gortash is dead. I left him rotting on the roof of his fortress.”
  2. [INTIMIDATION] “Anything you do to him/her, I will inflict on you a hundredfold.”
  3. [PERSUASION] “You said Bhaal wanted us to fight. He will reject this offering.”
  4. “His/Her fate is of no interest to me.”

Once you successfully convince Orin, the fight will commence, and the victim will stand alongside you and your party, battling against Orin’s forces.

Using Speak With Dead to Halt Orin

There is an alternative method to prevent Orin from completing the sacrifice. If you previously used the Speak With Dead spell on Orin’s Mother and obtained information about Sarevok’s involvement, a new dialogue option will become available:

  • “Like the salvation your mother offered? Attacked by your mother on Sarevok’s orders. That must have hurt.”

Choosing the following dialogue checks will successfully deter Orin from carrying out the victim’s demise.

  • “You’re pathetic. No wonder he tricked you so easily.”
  • “[DECEPTION] Sarevok told me the truth himself. He was laughing at you.”
  • “[RELIGION] Bhaal rejoices in such cruel betrayals. You really believed you were the exception?”
  • “I’m not the one who needs saving.”
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Master the Art of Defeating Orin in BG3

To triumph over Orin in BG3, you must first break through his formidable barriers. Arm yourself with powerful multi-attack spells like Magic Missile and Scorching Ray. Unleash these spells on the barriers to weaken them and pave your way to victory. Make the most of your buffs, dealing as much damage as possible once the barriers are down. Reserve your potent spells and action surges specifically for breaking barriers. For instance, a single Level 5 Magic Missile can shatter the barrier effortlessly. Once Orin is defenseless, utilize devastating attacks such as Action Surge to ensure his defeat. Repeat this tactic to claim an easy victory against the cunning Orin.

Unveiling the Steps for Rescuing Orin’s Victim in BG3

  • Solve the murders at the Open Hand Temple.
  • Loot the bag of hands from the murderer.
  • Proceed towards Candulhallow’s Tombstone near the Basilisk Gate.
  • Enter Bhaal’s Crypt from this location and defeat Serevok Anchev.
  • Acquire the Amulet of Bhaal from Serevok’s lifeless body.
  • Utilize the amulet to gain access to the Temple of Bhaal in the Undercity Ruins.
  • Engage in a dialogue check with Orin.
  • Vanquish Orin and her cultists within the designated time frame.
  • Liberate the victim from the sacrificial ritual.






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