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Royal Gems Diablo 4: Master the Art of Crafting Flawless Gems with Joe Greene

Immersing yourself in the post-apocalyptic world of Diablo 4 means facing hordes of enemies and accumulating an assortment of colorful gems in your inventory. Initially, these gems may seem insignificant, but as you progress and level up, you’ll unlock new crafting recipes that will make them invaluable. Enter the realm of Royal Gems, the most potent gems in the game. Discover how to unlock these precious gems in Diablo 4!

Reaching Level 70 grants Diablo 4 players the ability to craft Royal Gems at the Jeweler. However, even before you can craft them, you can use these gems once you’ve reached Level 60. This means that friends and clan-mates can trade Royal Gems with you, allowing you to attach them to your gear as long as you have attained Level 60. Royal Gems surpass Flawless Gems, offering more substantial stat bonuses.

It is important to dispel the misconception that unlocking Flawless and Royal Gems requires reaching World Tier 4. This rumor has spread, but it is not true! You can acquire these gems without progressing to World Tier 4.

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Unlocking Flawless Gems in Diablo 4

Once you reach Level 60, you can craft Flawless Gems at the Jeweler. However, you can already utilize Flawless Gems at Level 50. Though inferior to Royal Gems in terms of power, Flawless Gems still provide significant benefits to your gear. Additionally, while not traditional gems, you have the option to craft Royal and Flawless Skulls, which bestow even stronger buffs to your gear. These, however, are rarer to come by.

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Now equipped with the knowledge of acquiring both Flawless and Royal Gems in Diablo 4, it’s time to venture out and gather a treasure trove of loot!

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