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Search for the Hag BG3: A Complete Guide to Winning the Challenge at Blushing Mermaid

Whether you’re on a quest to uncover the secrets of the Blushing Mermaid or assisting the Hag Survivors in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3, finding another Hag in Act 3 can be quite a challenge. The sprawling city leaves little clues to follow, making it difficult to locate the Hag. But worry not, I have discovered the precise location so you can save valuable time. Let me show you how to find the Hag in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Hag in Act 3 is cleverly hidden in the basement of the Blushing Mermaid, concealed behind an illusory wall. The Blushing Mermaid is situated in the western half of the city, just south of Bloomridge Park. Its unmistakable presence is hard to overlook, as the front of the bar is a massive raised ship, dominating the landscape and casting a shadow over the bustling thoroughfares of civilians below.

When you step foot inside the enchanting Blushing Mermaid, your quest begins. Head towards the stairs and make your way up, keeping an eye out for a room on the right. Inside that room, you’ll find none other than Captain Grizly, pacing back and forth. But if you venture further and descend the stairs in her room, you’ll come across a hidden basement that leads to the mysterious Hag.

Alternatively, if subtlety isn’t your concern, you can take the Oak Door located to the left of Bosun Gannet at the bar. However, be warned, it may not be the most inconspicuous option. Regardless of which door you choose, both will ultimately lead you to the basement. But remember, that’s just the beginning of your thrilling journey.

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Exploring the depths of the Blushing Mermaid in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an adventure filled with hidden secrets and formidable challenges. One particular task involves finding and confronting the notorious Hag. To embark on this quest, you must first locate a small room in the basement with two entrances. In the center of the wall, you’ll notice a raised platform adorned with mystical mushrooms, a clear indication of the presence of the Hag.

Now comes the exciting part – gathering your party members and using their abilities to reach the platform. With either a standard action or a spell, they can jump up to the raised area. Once there, direct them to move through the seemingly solid wall on the left. This impressive illusion, thanks to magic, is easily bypassed, providing access to the hidden area.

However, your journey does not end there. In order to face the Hag, you must first eliminate the mind-controlled guards in the large cave that lies beyond the illusory wall. Engage in combat and defeat these guards, including the formidable Captain Grizly if she appears. Once the battle is won, search the fallen foes for valuable loot.

Among the spoils, you will discover a key that unlocks a wooden wall door located at the end of the cave. This door leads you to the heart of the Hag’s lair. As you enter, you’ll instantly recognize the ominous atmosphere, accentuated by the presence of three giant healing mushrooms. These mushrooms must be destroyed to weaken the Hag.

With the preparations complete, it’s only a matter of time before the Hag reveals herself. Engage in an epic battle and utilize your skills to vanquish this formidable foe once and for all.

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