search kryx cell for information

Search Kryx Cell for Information: A Comprehensive Guide by Daniel Wenerowicz

Delgado and the rest of the Crimson Fleet are on a relentless pursuit of Kryx’s Legacy in the captivating game, Starfield. As their leader, it’s up to you to take charge of the investigation and uncover crucial information. In particular, the search for evidence inside Kryx’s Cell will play a pivotal role, and I’m here to guide you through this challenging task.

Inside Kryx’s Cell, you’ll find the valuable information hidden within a seemingly innocent desk lamp. While this step may appear straightforward in the Echoes of the Past mission, even seasoned gamers like myself found themselves momentarily puzzled. The game helpfully marks the D-block cell for you, making it easy to find the main room. However, locating the lamp proves to be a bit trickier than expected.

Discovering how to progress in a game can sometimes be a challenging task, even with quest markers to guide us. In the case of this particular quest, I found myself puzzled when the information I needed seemed to be connected to a nearby lamp. It took me a few tries before I was able to trigger the prompt. If you encounter the same issue, don’t worry! Simply adjust your reticle on different parts of the lamp until you see an indicator. Once the prompt appears, make sure to interact with it without hesitation.

When you tamper with the lamp in Kryx’s Cell, a slate titled “Best Laid Plans” will materialize on the table. Pick it up and listen to the entire tape. This will provide invaluable information, allowing both you and the Crimson Fleet to gain insight into Kryx’s Legacy in Starfield. This vital information is crucial for completing the main section of the Echoes of the Past quest.

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However, obtaining the information is just the beginning. You still need to communicate with Delgado via the intercom and confront Mathis. As you progress towards the abandoned prison transports, prepare yourself for a formidable adversary in the Lock. Best of luck in reaching your destination.

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