should i give the earth savior award to naeva

Should I Give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva? Consequences and Alternatives Explained

In the captivating world of Starfield, the Earth Savior Award holds a central role in the Breaking the Bank Quest. As you embark on the Siren of the Stars ship, you are faced with a choice – should you steal the Earth Savior Award or give it to Naeva?

Naeva, fascinated by the Earth Savior Award, offers you Credits in exchange for it. On the other hand, you have the option to keep the award and sell it later for a potentially higher profit. The decision you make will significantly impact your character’s journey in Starfield.

Personally, I chose to give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva. Due to my substantial amount of Credits and my eagerness to progress through the storyline, I found the potential profit difference not compelling enough to spend more time on it.

Consequences of Giving the Earth Savior Award to Naeva

If you decide to give the Earth Savior Award to Naeva, the following outcomes occur:

  • You are rewarded with 6000 Credits (3000 if you couldn’t resist mentioning the item to Captain Rokov).
  • You gain XP for completing the quest.

This choice not only provides a significant monetary boost but also contributes to the advancement of your character’s development in the game.

Stay tuned for more exciting choices and outcomes in Starfield!

Consequences of Lying to Naeva about the Earth Savior Award

If you choose to deceive Naeva and keep the Earth Savior Award instead of giving it to her, there are several outcomes:

  • Naeva will be disappointed and will penalize you by deducting your pay for the quest, as she had warned.
  • You can later sell the award at a Trade Authority post and potentially earn more money than you would have by giving it directly to Naeva. With good haggling (Commerce) skills, you can further increase your profits if you take your time.
  • However, since the quest has failed due to your deception, you will not receive any experience points (XP) for it.
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