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Unlocking Skip Capacity Boostpack in Starfield: A Thorough Guide by Shaun Cichacki

Embark on an exciting journey through the captivating universe of Starfield, where you’ll uncover a plethora of amazing abilities and powers. Among the best perks you can unlock in the game is the highly coveted Boost Pack. As you explore the vast lands, you’ll stumble upon packs that grant you unique and exceptional abilities. One such pack that may have puzzled you is the Skip Capacity Boost Pack, but once you understand its potential, you’ll never want to unequip it.

Unlocking Boost Packs in Starfield

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To unlock the Boost Pack, you’ll need to level up and have at least one available Skill Point. Navigate to the Skill Points menu and select the Tech category. Within the first bar, you’ll find the Boost Pack Training option, which enables you to unlock and utilize this nifty pack during exploration, combat, and any other activities in the game. To activate it, simply press and hold the Jump button on your controller, and you’ll swiftly take to the skies. If you require further assistance, our comprehensive Boost Packs guide will point you in the right direction.

The Skip Capacity Boost Pack won’t magically transport you to a joyful skip, but it will save you time by reducing recharge wait times. Depending on the specific type of pack you find, the Skip Capacity Boost Pack accelerates the charging of your Boost Pack, which can be a game-changer during combat or when navigating the game’s expansive worlds.

Various types of Boost Packs exist in Starfield, including:

  • Basic Boost Packs
  • Skip Capacity Boost Packs – Recharges Boost 50% faster
  • Balanced Boost Pack – Higher Boost and multiple uses
  • Power Boost Pack – Provides the highest boost but limited to a single use
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Starfield offers a multitude of planets waiting to be explored, and once you acquire multiple Boost Packs, you’ll realize that traversing these worlds becomes easier than ever. It’s a thrilling and unpredictable universe out there, so be sure to consult our Starfield guide to embark on the right path. And don’t worry – if you can’t carry all your Boost Packs, we’ll show you how to store items on your ship for safekeeping.






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