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Starborn Starfield Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Faction, Ships, and Armor

Curious about the enigmatic Starborn in Starfield? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve stumbled upon their presence in-game or heard whispers about them, it’s time to uncover the secrets surrounding this mysterious faction.

While Starfield boasts various factions, the Starborn is one that remained hidden until the game’s launch. With their impressive Starfield ships and the ability to turn invisible during combat, these individuals definitely pique curiosity. But which Starfield planet do they originate from, and what’s their story? Prepare yourself for an ultimate guide to the Starfield Starborn faction.

Before we proceed, be warned that the following content contains significant spoilers for the main storyline of Starfield. Proceed with caution.

The Starfield Starborn Faction Unveiled

The Starborn are a group of individuals who have undergone a transformative experience known as The Unity. This powerful force lies at the core of the universe and was created by the enigmatic beings known as The Creators. Passing through The Unity grants rebirth, and interestingly, it is intricately tied to the Starfield new game plus feature.

Your first encounter with the Starborn occurs during the main story after completing the “All That Money Can Buy” quest. A ship called Helix approaches you in the depths of space, urging you to halt your artifact hunt. Shortly after evading them, the “Starborn” quest ensues, where you must interact with various members of the Starfield Constellation faction back at the lodge.

In the subsequent quest, “Further Into The Unknown,” Starborn make a reappearance. Each time you attempt to acquire an artifact, a Starborn individual intervenes and engages you in combat. Whether these encounters are scripted or random remains unclear. Notably, a Starborn vessel also lands near the artifact on Procyon-B I, accompanied by five Starborn explorers.

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The Starborn possess the extraordinary ability to traverse through the multiverse and create new universes at will. Along your journey, you will encounter named Starborn individuals. For instance, you may have already met “The Hunter,” who can be found at the Viewport in New Atlantis right from the beginning of the game. Eventually, you’ll be faced with a choice between The Hunter and Emissary, which significantly impacts the game’s finale and your ability to restart the game with all your acquired skills.

Obtaining Starborn Ships and Armor

Eliminating a Starborn enemy results in their bodies disintegrating, leaving you only with quantum essence. Consequently, looting their bodies or accessing their ships is not possible, as the entrance appears inaccessible when attempted.

Discover the Power of Starborn in Starfield

In the exciting world of Starfield, you have the opportunity to unlock the coveted Starborn ship and don a powerful Starborn armor or spacesuit. The easiest way to obtain these coveted items is by entering new game plus through The Unity. As soon as you awaken, you’ll find yourself inside a magnificent Starborn Guardian ship, wearing a remarkable Starborn Spacesuit. What’s even better is that each time you embark on a new game plus journey, your Starborn Spacesuit will be upgraded, taking your power to new heights. There are 10 variations of the Starborn Spacesuit available, ranging from the awe-inspiring Starborn Spacesuit Astra to the formidable Starborn Spacesuit Venator.

The Starborn Guardian ship is truly a force to be reckoned with. Boasting incredible power, lightning-fast speed, and an impressive cargo hold of 950, it stands as a symbol of unparalleled might. However, it is important to note that the Starborn Guardian ship cannot be modified or upgraded in any way. This means that with enough Starfield credits, it is technically possible to construct a ship that surpasses the Starborn Guardian in terms of capabilities.

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