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Starfield .43 Ultramag: Where to Acquire Ammo, Weapon Compatibility, and Insights from Shawn Robinson

As you embark on your journey in the captivating world of Starfield, you’ll quickly realize the importance of ammunition. In a galaxy teeming with adversaries who are more than eager to eliminate you, having an ample supply of ammo is essential. It not only ensures your survival but also grants you the confidence to unleash a barrage of bullets without hesitation. If you’re wondering where to find copious amounts of .43 Ultramag ammo in Starfield, we’ve got you covered.

Uncover a Treasure Trove of .43 Ultramag Ammo in Starfield

Uncovering the abundance of .43 Ultramag ammo in Starfield

When it comes to acquiring a significant amount of .43 Ultramag ammo in Starfield, the most effective approach is to visit specialized shops. Just like with other types of ammunition, purchasing it from reputable vendors ensures a steady supply. In the vast universe of Starfield, two shops stand out for their convenience: Centaurian Arsenal and Rowland Arms. To make things easier, let’s focus on Centaurian Arsenal, which is more accessible for most players.

Surprisingly, Centaurian Arsenal is located in the Residential District of New Atlantis on Jemison. Whether you arrive there by tram or fast travel, you won’t miss it. Just look straight ahead, and you’ll spot the store with its distinctive bronze walls and a prominent yellow sign showcasing the shop’s name.

Once inside, approach the clerk and initiate a conversation. Select the dialogue option “Let’s see what you have for sale” to access the shop menu. Navigate to the Ammo section of the Vendor, and you’ll find .43 Ultramag ammunition readily available. If you’ve already purchased all the available ammo but still need more, take a seat in one of the store’s chairs and wait for approximately 24 in-game hours. When you speak to the clerk again, she should have restocked the ammo.

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Which weapons utilize .43 Ultramag ammo?

When it comes to .43 Ultramag ammo, there are two pistols that exclusively use it – the Regulator and the Urban Eagle. The Regulator combines the power of a Wild West revolver with the punch of a Desert Eagle, while the Urban Eagle offers a more classic pistol feel with a sleek, futuristic look and solid damage. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal, both of these pistols are worth considering.

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