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Starfield Bounty Hunter Armor: Detailed Analysis, User Experiences, and Acquisition Tips

Unlock the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit in Starfield

In Starfield, having the right gear can greatly enhance your character’s abilities. While the starter weapons may suffice in the beginning, they pale in comparison to the more powerful ones you can acquire through exploration or purchase. One particularly coveted item is the Bounty Hunter spacesuit, which is well worth seeking out. Here’s a guide on how to obtain this exclusive gear in Starfield.

If you’re searching for the coveted Bounty Hunter spacesuit in Starfield, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. First, make sure to start or complete the Mantis side mission. If you haven’t unlocked it yet, take down Spacers until you find one with the Secret Outpost slate on their body. Once you have the slate, read it for valuable information.

The next step is heading to the moon Denebola I-B, located in the Denebola system. Look for the Lair of the Mantis/Secret Outpost landing zone on the moon and set your course towards it. Upon arrival, eliminate any nearby Spacer enemies to ensure your safety. Then, proceed to enter the lair.

Once inside, the path to the Bounty Hunter spacesuit will await you. Stay vigilant and navigate through any obstacles or challenges you may encounter along the way. With determination and persistence, you’ll soon be donning the impressive Bounty Hunter spacesuit in Starfield.

As you explore the vast facility in Starfield, be sure to keep clearing Spacers and pushing forward. Eventually, you’ll come across a striking room filled with machinery, serving as the heart of the facility. This room is hard to miss, as it follows a grand stairwell. At the window, you’ll find a bed adorned with a golden case, showcasing the coveted Bounty Hunter spacesuit.

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Unleash the Power of the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

If you’re still early in the game and undertaking the Mantis side mission, acquiring the Bounty Hunter spacesuit is a game-changing upgrade. Although it lacks distinctive abilities, its outstanding Physical, Energy, and EM resistances, each exceeding 100, make it a formidable asset. The fact that it provides well-rounded resistances is incredibly valuable. However, it’s worth noting that this armor comes with a hefty weight of 20.90 Mass, but the benefits make the burden worthwhile.

Stats of the Starfield: Bounty Hunter Armor

The Bounty Hunter Armor boasts impressive statistics that further solidify its desirability. Here is a breakdown of its exemplary stats:

  • Physical Resistance: 128
  • Energy Resistance: 132
  • EM Resistance: 136
  • Thermal Resistance: 15
  • Corrosive Resistance: 15
  • Airborne Resistance: 15
  • Radiation Resistance: 15

Where to Find Spacers to Eliminate in Starfield

If you’re on the hunt for Spacers to complete the quest, the area near Nesoi is your best bet. Head to the Olympus System and make your way to Nesoi, where you’ll find a space station orbiting the planet. This station will be teeming with Spacers, providing ample opportunities for you to exterminate them.

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